Alignment, Poetic Wisdom

Need is…

Mother’s Day may be over, but I’m in that small window between Mother’s Day and my mother’s birthday, so this post is still timely.

Surely, you’ve heard it said: “Need is the mother of all invention.” Well I am here to tell you that this is not exactly true. It is more accurate to say:

Need is the inception (conception) of invention. The mother of all invention is alignment!

From need comes asking. It is not the only source of asking, but it is a strong one. Notice, however, that in most cases inventors create to satisfy the asking of others. They see the asking, and align with the answering.

Need creates seed, but nothing more. Mother nurtures the seed until it can take care of itself. To satisfy your own asking, you must allow yourself to move from the asking to the nurturing of the answer. The inner child asks and the Inner Being (the Higher Self) answers. Guide yourself from the one role to the other. Soothe your way there whenever you can.

A mother’s work may never be done, but it can be a pleasure, n’est-ce pas?


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