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The Journey of the Fool is always from where you are to where you want to be. It is a yellow brick road. Whether you’re wanting to get to Oz or Kansas, it’ll take you there. Even the Wicked Witch of the West went to Heaven. Dorthy doused her with water. She screamed, “I’m melting!” and withered away.

What most don’t know is she actually said, “I’m molting!”

A few weeks ago, I spotted the same snake two days in a row when walking. It was in the same spot, basking in the sun. Interestingly, “basking in the sun” was a message I received yesterday.

This past week, I was looking out over a man made “pond” and spotted two water snakes. There could have been more, but I only made out the two. They swam gracefully from one side to the other. This was in a very different area along my walk.

Spirit knows that when I receive the same message twice, I will heed it two hundred fold. Snake showed up two times twice!

Today, after harvesting excitement, I ventured on another walk. Within that vibrant energy, I visualized running. Much later, I gave it a go and ran. I didn’t jog, I ran. It felt so good to do so.

When I passed the spot where I saw that first snake, I held my hands up and said to myself, “I’m molting!” and that’s when I thought of the witch.

Evil is an illusion. It is not real. Yet people can and do put on snake skins. They produce venom in reaction to repeated experiences of pain and grow fangs to protect themselves.

Snake skin does not last forever. Its scales harden and dry up. Cleansing waters cause them to melt away…to molt away.

Yesterday, a man took his own life. Despite his impressive strength, his snake skin grew too tight and too heavy to bear. He could not find who he really is under the scales placed upon him.

Now some of you may think he got what he deserved and you’re free to think as you please. I, however, know that the Infinitely Loving Universe does not see it that way.

We do create our own reality and we are meant to experience it. We are not, however, supposed to carry it around ever more. Unfortunately, we tend to do that. No worries there. The illusion of Death sets us free of our own prisons.

Snake medicine is about experiencing venom in order to become tolerant. When you are tolerant enough to sustain snake bites, you no longer fear them; nor do you fear those that wear snake skins.

Soon (or eventually) you learn to see who they really are and love them, even as they fling their venom at you.

Aaron is vibrant and well where he is. It took me a few hours, but I found him. I had to shed a bit of my own dry skin to get there.

All is well. Reach for love if you long for love, but know that you can’t miss it. It rains down upon you, even if your snake skin has made you blind to it. Eventually, that skin will molt away, one way or the other, and then you will see it.

Love and Hugs to you!


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