Ramp Ahead

These days, I think about Astrology as weather. You can watch a thunderstorm with awe and pleasure. Doesn’t have to be anything to be afraid of.

Take a look at this chart from yesterday afternoon:

Notice six orbs are 26 degrees or higher (and Uranus is nearly 25.) Also notice that three points (the Lunar Nodes and Mercury) are between 0 and 3 and moving backward. They will soon enough enter that range 26 to 30 degrees.

If you have a chart printed out, go look at it. Count how many orbs you have in that range. If you have a lot, you might be feeling pressure, urgency, or intensity.

A dear friend told me what she has been experiencing, which got me looking at charts this morning. The visualization that came to me was this, which you just might relate to:

You have been floating along in a hot air balloon, enjoying the scenery from a height you’ve grown comfortable with. However, up ahead is a mountain. The prevailing winds are pushing you that way and they are too strong to fight.

To surpass the mountain, you have to raise your elevation, and to do that, you have to drop some of the weight you’ve been carrying with you. (Alternatively, you need to generate enough heat to lift your balloon higher). If you do it now, you can select what to keep and what to throw overboard. If you wait too long, you might have to just start throwing things out randomly.

Feel free to comment and share your experience if you relate!


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