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Make a Decision…Right!

I’ve been sitting with this Abraham quote of late:

Make a decision. Then make the decision right.

The best one can do is to get into alignment first and then make a decision. But until we get good at getting into alignment, we sometimes need to make a decision regardless. So go ahead and make the decision. Do the best you can given where you currently are and based on the information you now have. And then…line up with it.

How do you line up with a decision? This way:

  • Accept that you’re doing the best you can given where you are and the circumstances surrounding you.
  • Know that, regardless of which way you choose, numerous paths will continue to exist from where you are to where you want to be. These are not limited; we simply may not yet see them.
  • Know that you can and will make new decisions down the road.
  • Recognize that making a decision demonstrates your power and exercises your free will. The choosing is more powerful and significant then the choice made.
  • Once you’ve decided, spend little to no time looking back, thinking about the options left behind, or wondering, “What if?”

A truly empowered person is not one who always makes the right decision. He or she is one who makes decisions without fret or worry, simply because s/he recognize that s/he can always choose again, and again, and again.

Furthermore, recognize that with every…single…decision that you make, you have one underlying intention within it. Your desire, at every fork, is to choose the path that will (make you) feel better. Even when we choose things that don’t feel good now, our hope is that they will eventually lead to something that will make us feel better. For example, we may choose to stick with a bad situation (i.e. a job) because we think it will eventually bring us to a better place (i.e. via income).

So, under any and all circumstances, our intention is pure. Feeling good is an indication of alignment, thus intending to choose a path that will eventually feel good is an appropriate intention.

Any time you have made a decision that you later regret, it is best to remind yourself of this underlying intention you had. You wanted to feel better and you did what you thought at the time would get you there. You should never fault yourself for that.

Even though I haven’t had significant decisions to make of late, I have noticed that focus on this Abraham quote has taken some pressure off.

The fact is, we are always choosing. So many of our choices are such second nature, we don’t even notice. Yet we are choosing all of the time. We are demonstrating our free will, even if we’re not paying attention to it. The more we notice our choosing, the freer we will feel and the more we will embrace our natural empowerment.

Life on Earth requires decisions to be made on other people’s schedules. So be it.

Alignment is a here and now phenomenon. It either is or is not in any moment. In every moment that it is, it re-orients you in the direction of what you desire. In every moment that it is, you feel good, you feel better, you feel energized, you feel happy, you feel optimistic. Alignment is always available, regardless of any and all choices you have made in the past.

Make decisions. And reach for alignment. Reach for alignment. And make decisions. These are not either-ors.

Before I end, I want to share this as well. According to Abraham, how you feel now is the most important. Think about it: it is always now. You can only make a choice now. You can only act now. You can only think now. You can only experience happiness (or not) now.

How you feel, right here and now, is the indication of alignment. Choosing now to feel good now is the only choice that actually matters (because it is the only choice that actually creates what shows up in your life next). It is not a choice between paths. It is not a choice between actions. It is a choice between perspectives.

Paths and actions are functions of time. They have beginnings and ends. Perspectives are right now views of right here (the physical world around you, the circumstances surrounding you, and the thoughts in your head).

You cannot ever fully know what any action will cause or where any path will lead. That kind of choosing thus will always contain some mystery and wonderment. But you can always find a better perspective, right here and now, which will feel better than the one you had a moment ago. There is always a more optimistic thought, which will feel better.

Those who came before us taught us that there is no gain without pain. They have taught us to believe that we can achieve goodness at the end of the hard roads.

Abraham tells us this is never true. You cannot create from ill feeling and get to anything but more ill feeling. Like creates like.

Abraham also tells us that when we fret now (by choosing negative thoughts about the past, present, or future), we sacrifice what could be a pleasing experience now even if we are hoping for a future experience that feels better. Why not choose to feel better now? Even if you cannot feel good now, you can feel better now.

Logic follows this. If you feel a little bit better now, then a little bit better now, then a little bit better now, you will feel good soon. And then you’ll feel great. We don’t often believe this, but we also haven’t followed that advice much either.

And what about physical pain and discomfort?

Abraham says that all physical pain, discomfort, and disease is nothing more than ill feelings that have gained enough momentum to become physical, which is the way everything physical is created. Everything that exists now started off as thoughts and feelings.

To create physical ease, vitality, and pleasure requires nothing more than focus on good feelings and the thoughts and perspectives that inspire them. You can start with thoughts and get to feelings, or you can start with feelings and get to thoughts. The feelings matter more than the thoughts, but they come so close together it is hard for us to separate them.

Jesus was quoted as saying: “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and to God the things that are God’s.” An appropriate now interpretation of this is the following:

When (and only when) you reach a fork in the road and must choose, choose the path you think is best. And, reach for alignment in every moment of now that you can.

The physical world will distract you. And that is just fine. But when life is not asking you to choose between paths and actions, (remind yourself to) reach for what feels better. The more you practice reaching for alignment, the more it becomes second nature…and the better you will feel now…then now…then now.

Happily ever after doesn’t exist. It is not something you can create. Happy now…and now…and now…and now… does exist and is something you can create. You can only choose now. You can only make a choice now. You can only feel now. So the only choice that really matters now is:

Do you choose to be happy (or reach for happiness) now?


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