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I ended my last post relating a bit of vibrational success I experienced recently…namely my trip to Nashville. Later that day, I felt self-conscious about it.

Blogging, for me, is an art. It is always my desire to uplift and entertain. Sometimes, to convey something that’s on my mind, I relate a story of an experience. But this is tricky. I don’t want to (over) share my struggles because I don’t want to emphasize them, in my own attraction, or inspire a similar struggle or the emphasizing of a similar struggle for y’all.

At the same time, I also don’t want to come across as preachy…as if I’m different than the next guy. I’ve said often: I get good guidance because I need it! 🙂

So, my last post ended with a success story, and today’s post is going to start with a bit of a confession. It is my intention to describe the challenge (the fear, the misalignment) just enough to then state the message of guidance within context.

In May of 2018, I will be turning 50. When I moved to Austin, I was 38. Now and again, mostly when watching football, I hear someone speak of 2012 saying, “5 years ago…” It stuns me that I’ve been in Austin for 10 ½ years, and that 2012 started 6 years ago!!

The general fear that I am expressing can be stated in two ways: aging and the passing of time as if I’m wasting it or running out of it.

In recent weeks, I heard Abraham respond to this very way of thinking. I heard it…and really heard it. I have been reminding myself of their perspective and working on believing it and notice my experiencing of it so that I can come to know it more deeply.

Abraham’s response was to remind us about satisfaction…true satisfaction and how it is always available…at any age.

Year’s ago, my Inner Being gave me a similar message that went something like this:

Have you ever witnessed a young child tie his or her shoes for the first time? Or maybe ride a bike without training wheels for the first time. Young children experience a lot of firsts, and as a result, experience a lot of satisfaction.

Now consider when you tie your shoes. You don’t feel very much satisfaction around it, do you?

Satisfaction is all about the movement from where you once were into an experience you specifically desire. In other words, when a child struggles to learn to tie his own shoes, and then gets it, he feels strong satisfaction. But when you’ve been tying your own shoes for years, you take it for granted. You don’t desire learning to tie your shoes, because you already know how to.

To experience a similar satisfaction to that child, you must allow yourself to experience a desire you now have!

We always desire something…and at all ages. We don’t have to be children. There is always something more to be, do, or have. The point of all of this is to understand that age has nothing to do with this! In other words, the details of the desires may be vastly different at different ages, but the potential for satisfaction is NEVER different.

Notice I said ‘potential’.

Observably, and generally speaking, children have more alignment, and thus experience satisfaction more frequently. We all know that in between, they can have tantrums. They are authentic in their feelings and in the expressing of those feelings.

We adults, for whatever reason, resist our feelings and our emotions. I can get in to those reasons, but I won’t, because that’s not the point here. In other words, forget how you got where you are. That doesn’t matter. Let’s just focus on where we are.

Age is relative, but it is a measurement that has a lot of momentum. What I mean is this: nearly everyone and their accomplishments are looked at relative to their age. This one reached success early. That one is maintaining success despite his age. When we think about what we want to be or do or have, we (can’t help) but think: “Do I have enough time?” “Do I have enough energy?”

But now, consider this. Since satisfaction results any time we lean toward a desire, we must remind ourselves that those we observe are in the same boat. In other words, a professional football player must perform above his own standards in order to feel satisfaction. He is no different than you or I. I don’t need to perform the physical feats of a younger man to feel satisfaction, I need only lean toward my own desires!

Truth be told, I do feel satisfaction and sometimes over the smallest things. This morning, I sat to meditate, and felt a strong desire to write an email I’ve been thinking about for days. The email was to convey feedback about an iPhone app I use frequently. I’ve had strong opinions about certain things, but was hesitant (resistant) to write to them about it.

However, my intention and desire is for the app to be improved. And, not writing the email was getting in the way of some alignment…well beyond my understanding. So, when I tried to meditate, the Universe guided me to get up and write the email.

After I wrote and sent the email, I fell fully into my vortex. I felt all sorts of positive emotion and then reveled within them. How silly to feel so much excitement over something so insignificant. But I did…old man that I am! Ha ha.

So, the message for me, and for you if you choose, is to remind yourself every chance you get that satisfaction is always attainable. It doesn’t matter how much money you have. It doesn’t matter your age or your health. Satisfaction is yours when you allow yourself to move in the direction of what you desire. You don’t even have to get there, just move in that direction.

Recognize that you will always have desires, and some of them are easy to allow. Let the clock tick and know that it is not taking away any potential for satisfaction. It is changing life, sure. All my old desires to be a better athlete may have to wait for another lifetime. They don’t really apply to my life any more. But I do have plenty of desires and they will feel just as good as hitting a home run did way back when. I just need to remind myself that it is not what I do that matters, it is only the satisfaction I feel.

Physically, we age. Metaphysically, we expand…we grow…we evolve. We never stop expanding, growing, and evolving. These things are not about physical actions or feats.

There is a song I’ve heard that I can’t recall right now. It has a lyric that talks about “a thirty year dream of becoming a childhood star.”

If we stay attached to details that in and of themselves are tied to an age, we can feel and hold on to disappointment for a long time. But if we instead focus on satisfaction (and the alignment which facilitates it) we tune ourselves into our immortality. We can’t ever go back; we can’t become a child prodigy at age 40; but we can ALWAYS go forward! Satisfaction is only found in that direction.

Sometimes, I have experiences that look like long wanted manifestations. I look at what showed up and say, “This looks like something I’ve wanted a long time. Why doesn’t it feel that good?” Satisfaction is about connecting with a true desire, a current desire, a desire that is alive within you. Those old details just might not be what your true and current desires are now.

So, more and more, I realize that it is best to let the Universe bring me the manifestation of my true desires. This means I must allow the old details to fade away. My Inner Being knows where my greatest satisfaction can come, so more and more, I’m working on letting my Inner Being decide. That means my work is to ask less (and maybe less specifically), and to allow more and focus more on the feeling of satisfaction, excitement, and joy.

I’m also realizing that I need to pay less attention to what others are doing. It is easy to see someone doing something and to think, “I want to do that!” Starting now, I am training myself to say, “I want to feel joy and satisfaction…period.” It really doesn’t matter what brings it.


3 thoughts on “Satisfaction”

  1. I am always satisfied when I read your posts! For quite awhile I have tried to be satisfied in my life and have been feeling like I need to dream a bit more and get excited about something – so this really hits home for me. Life is about BE-Coming as Abraham says.


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