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Neptune at Mid-Heaven

Yesterday, I did a reading for a dear friend and one message that came through has been sitting with me. The message, while specifically for her at this time in her life, is general enough to be of value to all of us.

Neptune stationed direct three weeks ago on 11/22/2017 at 11o 28’ Pisces. The MC (Mid-heaven angle) in my friend’s birth chart sits at 10o 42’ Pisces. Neptune is now decidedly traversing her 10th house. I hadn’t done an Astrology reading for her in a while and hadn’t been tracking Neptune in her chart, so this was the first time I noticed.

With Saturn’s ingress into Capricorn imminent, I primarily focused on that, but having noticed Neptune, I found myself mentioning it as well.

One subject associated with the 10th house in a personal chart is career or vocation. As I tuned in to what I was seeing, I found myself saying:

“Neptune is not much of a career man, so I don’t see a direct effect on your career. Neptune is often about the intuitive, so I see this more as a tool in your belt.”

That’s that part that stayed with me.

Transits to the angles in a birth chart, as I have discussed in the past, can coincide with significant life changes. I have noticed these transits profoundly in my own life. When I do natal chart readings, I pay special attention to planets that sit near an angle. And in relationship (Synastry) readings, when one partner’s planet sits on an angle in the other partner’s chart, this brings with it strong significance.

There are four angles in the chart, which I describe using real life examples.

When the sun rises, it crosses the ascendant. When it sets, it crosses the descendant. At noon (or 1:00 when in daylight savings time), the sun crosses the mid-heaven.

A planet on the ascendant is conspicuous—to the querent and to all who know the querent…or at least those who pay attention. A transit to the ascendant can be like a pimple on your face. You certainly notice it when looking in the mirror…and probably more so than anyone else.

When a planet transits the descendant, it’s in your face in a different way. Just like when you’re driving home from work, heading west at sunset, the sun gets in your eyes a lot. You can’t not notice it and you’re constantly having to adjust to deal with it. Well, relationships can be just that way. You are who you are and your partner is who he is. You’re gonna notice things you don’t like, and sometimes they get in your face enough to inspire annoyance.

The mid-day sun is an analogy I often use for mid-heaven transits. At noon-time, we don’t look up at the sun much, however, everything we do look at in all directions is illuminated by it.

The real life analogy I equate to the IC (bottom of the sky and bottom of the chart) is a foundation. Have you heard recent news about the Millennium Tower in San Francisco? It is listing to one side, noticeably to those who live within it. The problem is its foundation. They did not dig deep enough. The land is shifting, which is creating a new leaning tower. Who knows how bad it will get. The point is, though foundations are unseen and below the ground, they are hugely significant because everything else sits upon them.

Getting back to my friend’s chart, I got that Neptune in her 10th house is emphasizing her intuition as a tool in her belt. This tool is one she’s had for a long time and one she’s been developing as long as I’ve known her. The different with it in her 10th house is it’s now time for her to employ it! It is time for her to practice using it daily in order for her to feel proficient.

The truth is, we all have intuition. Many of us notice it from time to time. We see something happen before our eyes, then lean over to our best friend and say, “I knew that was going to happen.”

And yet, no matter how developed our intuition, we still seek counsel. “I’m here, but I want to be somewhere better. What should I do? Where should I go?”

One tricky part about intuition is it only works in the now. It only works when the information is pertinent. Think about it, being told to turn right is only valuable when you’re at an intersection. If I tell you right here: “Turn right in 17 hours and 12 minutes,” you’d think I was nuts. Even if you didn’t, you’d probably forget. And even if you set a timer on your phone, who knows where you’d actually be at that moment.

Intuition doesn’t work that way. It doesn’t tell you what to do tomorrow or next month. It tells you what to do right now. After all, now is the only time you can do anything.

The structured reality we (collectively) have created is rigid enough that we don’t need our intuition on a moment by moment basis. Most of us have routines. We shop regularly and buy many of the same foods every week. At our usual times, we pull something out of the fridge and cabinets and fix ourselves something to eat.

However, the more we practice listening to our intuition, the better we’ll be able to hear it when it is of highest value…namely at an intersection.

The information age has created some convenience to life. If we want to know about a particular place or thing, we can look it up on the internet. We can poll the opinions of others by trolling reviews.

The problem is, this is not (deliberately) creative. When you poll the opinion of others, you obtain a generalized consensus about the place or item. If you take this to heart, you’ll simply create more of the same.

However, if you practice alignment instead, you’ll create from that feeling place. In that way, you could visit the worst restaurant on yelp, and yet have the best meal to your specific liking. After all, your opinion is the only thing that matters to you. It is the only thing that creates your experience.

Walking in Austin, wearing my Nashville shirt, anticipating my trip.

We are not trained to live this way, and that is fine, but through practice, we can at least open the door to it.

I will leave you with this:

I wrote Feeling Alignment one month ago on 11/13/2017. Two days later, I boarded a plane to Nashville to hang out with a good friend and others. My focus on alignment the days before was primarily for one reason: to feel good in the moment, though I did spend a little time anticipating the trip (see pic right).

The result of my focus? I had the best time in Nashville…the most fun I’ve had in a long, long time. It wasn’t just fun, it was magical; it was intimate. It was synergistic; each of us uplifted the others.  Four of us hung out together. I met one that trip, and had only met the other briefly the year before, yet the combination on that weekend had us shining our lights brighter than normal.  And I noticed how much others’ noticed and were drawn to us.

Most would tell you that Nashville is a fun place to visit, so it’s not like I created something others’ would find unusual. It wasn’t what we did or the fun we had, it was how it all felt that mattered the most.


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