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Force Field

In Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the planet Scarif was protected by an electromagnet shield. A heavily guarded portal or shield gate was opened or closed as needed. We’ve seen similar shields in Science Fiction for a long time. Even the earliest Star Trek Enterprises had them. We’ve also seen smaller applications of force fields serving as prison walls.

A force field is an electromagnetic field that is strong enough to serve as a physical boundary. Essentially, it is energy creating (or simulating) matter. Physics tells us that E=mc2. This equation quantifies the amount of energy contained within a clump of mass.

In the first chapter of Scribe to the Pantheon of Rome, Ra says it this way:

“Matter is simply consciousness commissioned to hold a finite amount of space for a finite amount of time.”

From the outside, an atom looks like a solid object, but peer inside of it and you’ll only see energy. At first you’ll see smaller objects moving rapidly within the boundary of the atom, but peer inside of them and you will only find energy.

To my way of thinking, consciousness is the only thing that is real. All else is created from it. Matter only holds its shape and existence through thought. This exists at all levels. The Inner Being of an atom creates the atom. The Inner Being of rock, creates the rock. When you get to the level of man, it becomes quite interesting. We don’t consciously create the atoms, cells, or organs in our bodies. We existed before we knew about any of those. And it’s a good thing. If you had to think in order to breathe, you’d hardly have time to think about anything else.

Our human consciousness is focused on something else entirely. We are focused on creating experience: some of which through physical objects, some of which not. We imagine our careers before we enter into them. We fantasize about our lovers before we fall in love with them. We admire others’ houses and cars long before we purchase versions of our own.

Today is December 2nd and well into the holiday season. These days, this is a time when all are thinking about what items they want to buy, receive, or give to others. Children write lists and letters identifying their wishes.

Most of those who follow the teachings of Abraham and study the Law of Attraction are seeking for something. As Abraham puts it, the majority of what most want are money, lovers, and bodily conditions. This makes sense because you can’t really buy lovers and bodily conditions, but you can buy most anything else.

Underlying all of this is happiness. No matter what we say we want, what we really want is to feel good. We simply think these other objects and conditions are what will get us there.

In this post, however, I want to focus on the other side. I want to discuss how to unmanifest—how to make something go away.

Consider that for many of us middle-aged adults, the “bodily conditions” subject probably entails more that we want to lose than what we want to gain. Yet, even in the “less physical” there is much we want to let go of. We want fears, phobias, and insecurities to go away. We want some pestering people to leave us alone. We want laws and restrictions to go away. We want hate, war, and racism gone and for good.

The most basic description of Law of Attraction is also the most useful:

You get what you think about whether you like it or not.

In other words, everything is a force field and your thoughts are the electricity.

In those Science Fiction movies and shows, force fields often fail. Either the power is eroded and depleted, or the source of the power is damaged. If you remove the electricity, you take down the force field.

Law of Attraction works the same way. Those undesired (or even hated) things in our lives live on because we feed them with our thoughts. The stronger we detest something, the more power we are feeding to it.

That’s why it is so important to turn the other cheek. You hate what you hate. So be it. But once you identify that you hate this or that, divert your stream of thought (your power) into the opposite of it.

Our level of evolution on this planet is still quite low. We’ve been taught that in order to make something go away, we have to hunt it down and kill it. The exact opposite is true.

Here is another quote from my newest novel:

“You cannot create peace through war or compliance through coercion. It may appear that way for a while, but the waves of aggression you send out will always return and the very things you seek to defeat will grow ever stronger.”

Most people think that you have to teach respect and politeness. Most believe that you have to stand up against behavior you abhor. There’s a saying that’s been going around for a while now and it goes like this: “If you’re not angry, you’re not pay attention.” Well, that is exactly right. When you pay attention to what you dislike, you make yourself angry. But is that what you really want?

Newton’s third law states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. In other words, the more you push on a thing, the more that thing pushes on you. Replace the word ‘push’ with any other verb and replace the word ‘thing’ with any noun, and it still applies.

The more you focus on racism and racists, the more you will see racism in action. The more you focus on a group of people you despise (because of their views or wrongdoings, for example) the more you will rendezvous with those kind of people, or the stories about them. That kind of focus will have you feeling more and more insecure and about a lot more than those subjects you started with.

Everything is a force field. Everything is created from energy. Your thoughts create everything around you. The more you focus on those things you think are bad (or bad for you), the more bad you’ll feel because of those things.

To make something go away, stop feeding it. It probably won’t go away in absolute terms, but it will ebb away from your life experience.

The…only…thing…you have control over, is what goes on inside of your mind. You can’t force your body to be something. You cannot control the behavior of others. You cannot make the laws of this land or change who is president by your lone efforts. You cannot shift the economy.

You can, however, focus on the positive end of anything. Every force has an opposite. Focus on the good end. That doesn’t mean you have to find the good in everything, it simply means focus on what IS good, right here and now.

There are things in your life you want to change, to go away, to get easier. That will always be the case. No matter how good your life is, it can always get better. So guide yourself forward. Look for good people to see good people. They are always there. Look for good fortune to find good fortune. Focus on the people who agree with you, who support you, who respect you, who love you, who do good by you. They are always present.

As you divert enough of your (mental) energy toward those concepts and experiences you love, you will begin to see those force field prison walls come down. You’ll notice more opportunities. You’ll find more doors open and you’ll walk through doorways with ease. And you’ll notice the beauty that dots your path more and more and more.

The path ahead twists and turns; you can only see so far. What’s just beyond the bend? Are you ready to explore?


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