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Quincunx and the Pythagorean Triangle

There is one configuration that I didn’t discuss yesterday, along with the particular underlying aspect that helps create it. I was aware of the configuration, and familiar with the aspect, but hadn’t ever looked into  it enough to even learn its name. I have decided to use the chart for the exact moment the sun squares Uranus to discuss it.

The last configuration I discussed yesterday was the Fixed T-Square that is formed because both ends of the opposition between the sun and Mars square Uranus. Today, the moon will aspect all three corners, first the sun, then Uranus, then Mars.

But notice that the moon will also conjunct Saturn in that process. In fact, tonight is a great opportunity to view Saturn since the gibbous moon will show you where to look. Head outside after dusk darkens enough for stars to begin to pop. Find the moon and you’ll see Saturn right there.

If you’re out there late enough (after 9 pm here in Austin), look to the Southeastern horizon. Tonight, super bright Mars rises at 8:57 pm CDT in Austin. This is what Mars looked like last night:So the moon draws our attention to Saturn via its conjunction and highlights not only the T-Square, which is still growing in strength, but also the Pythagorean Triangle.

Just now, a dear friend sent me a text message. She described an ankle injure, inoperable cars, an auto accident, and someone falling. All of these are manifestations that match the T-Square. [Don’t think cause and effect. It doesn’t work that way. Just keep reading…]

Right here and now, and as a result of this perfectly timed message, I now realize that I need to discuss the Fixed T-Square further before moving on to the Pythagorean triangle. I am receiving a wave of information that I think will be helpful.

For weeks, I have been tuned in to the coming Mars Opposition. My focus has been on the beauty of it as an astronomical event. Mars is so conspicuous this summer, brighter than Jupiter (until September) and will be closest to Earth this time around on 7/31.

Now the astrological significance is coming through and in a big way.

In Summer of ’18, I included the chart for what I now understand is the longest Total Lunar Eclipse of this century and one which occurs the same day and just hours after Mars Opposition. All of that energy is ramping up now.

Note that the Mars opposition is occurring while Mars is Retrograde. This is always the case as with all the outer planets. Astronomically, this is due to simple orbital geometry. When, from our vantage, an outer planet is in opposition (to the sun), we (on Earth) naturally lie directly in between. We, as the inner planet in these cases, are passing the outer planet on our inside track. That is why the outer planet appears to be moving backward. This is no different than when you pass someone on the freeway. They appear to be moving backward relative to you, when in reality, they are just moving forward more slowly.

Astrologically, this also makes perfect sense. The (vibration/archetype of the) outer planet appears to be in conflict with (the vibration/archetype of) the sun and simultaneously appears to be moving backward.

In reality, when viewed from above, neither is actually happening. It is only from Earth, from our unique perspective in time and space, that these things appear to occur. [It is all about us!]

When a planet is in opposition to another, we tend to notice the apparent contrast between them. However, opposite signs are more alike than adjacent signs. The conflict is based on our limited perspective, not an actual disharmony. In fact, the opposite is what is really happening. During opposition, the two sides are working together for our benefit.

In any (and every) conflict between two parties, there is resonance. The only way two seemingly opposing views or objects can clash is if they occupy the same space and time. This can only happen through vibrational resonance, which is the definition of harmony. The problem is, our focus on one side only keeps us from seeing the big picture. During the orb of an opposition like this, we might get struck by the other side unexpectantly. The point of the astrological aspect is to inspire movement to a higher perspective, which includes both sides!

Keep in mind that the purpose of contrast is always clarity and choice.

Mars, which is all about action and the passion or rage that inspires it, does not like to slow down, let alone stop or move backward. This archetypal imagery matches how we are or tend to be. WE don’t like to slow down, when we’ve been moving along well. Think of it this way, if the short ride home is riddled with very heavy traffic, wouldn’t you often choose to drive full speed three times the distance than inch and crawl the short, clogged route? I know I do and in fact, last night, I did that very thing. I am not even sure I saved any time. I took the long way home because Google Maps showed heavy traffic the short way.

Right now, inside of the strengthening T-Square, we are faced with choices that look like this:

  • We can insist on taking the path we usually take. Chances are, that route is not flowing well at all: due to heavy traffic and/or accidents. In fact, if we disregard guidance, we might acerbate the issues.
  • We can choose to follow Mars Retrograde’s counsel and proceed with caution or take an alternate route. Regardless, it is definitely a time to pay close attention to what is happening around us.
  • Lastly, we can take a step back, literally or figuratively. We can pause, find and take advantage of the stillness (the positive perspective of standstill) and discern whether we are in fact traveling in the direction we want to go. The point here is to take in the bigger picture.

In yesterday’s post, I discussed how the sun is about presence and being-ness…while Mars is about action. Uranus is about cleverness, genius, solution, leverage, and thinking outside of the box.

The T-Square reminds us that we cannot be all three archetypes in the very same moment. If you are charging forward, you cannot simultaneously be discerning a new or better course. If you try to do too much at once, you’ll be no different then one texting and driving—doing neither well while simultaneously increasing the odds of running into something unwanted.

For the next ten days, take deep breaths more often. Look in your side mirrors that one extra time. Check GPS before traveling your typical route. And allow more time to get where you’re going. Well-being is abundant, even now, so tap into it early and often and take it everywhere you go. Don’t push the river, just let it flow.

The Moon, today, is stimulating the T-Square, but has also brought my attention to the Pythagorean Triangle. I am happy to now know its name. In fact, I am not sure why I waited so long to look it up. But I will say this, I also read up on it this morning and realize the perfect timing for this expanded understanding.

The Pythagorean Triangle consists of three different aspects as shown. In the above chart, the “challenge” is illustrated by the exact square been the Sun and Uranus. [The exact square between Mars and Uranus will occur on August 1st.]

Next up, we have the harmonious aspect: the Earth Trine between Saturn and Uranus (further emphasized by the moon).

Lastly, and most characteristically, we have a Quincunx (150o) between the sun and Saturn.

Years ago, I read a description of Quincunx as part-square/part-trine. In other words, the vibrations of the two ends vacillate between blending and contrasting. Given this definition, the Pythagorean Triangle thus further emphases the quincunx, since it adds to it another square and another trine. It is a larger version of the same dynamic!

Today, in my research, I heard quincunx described as a bridge between two signs that share neither element nor modality. Capricorn is Cardinal Earth. Leo if Fixed Fire. These two signs have nothing in common. Quincunx thus gives them an avenue to communication.

An analogy just popped in. Imagine a French man encountering a Chinese man. Neither speaks a word of the other one’s language. Now add to the story that both men speak some English. They are not fluent, by can get by.

So now the two men have a language they can communicate with. Clearly, there is still plenty of opportunity for misunderstanding, since neither is fluent. So the conveying of information will sometimes work well and sometimes not, depending on the subject matter and overlap of each man’s vocabulary.

To further emphasize the insight of this formation, note that the sun rules Leo and Saturn rules Capricorn. The quincunx aspect between these two IS the focus. It is the point. It is the thing that is calling our attention. Uranus is, in a sense, a third man in the conversation who speaks about the same amount of English as the other two. However, he may know some words one side knows and the other does not. At times, he can help clarify the confusion between the two. And since Uranus is not in his sign of rulership, he is not as attached or emotionally involved. The sun in Leo REALLY wants to bask. And Saturn in Capricorn REALLY wants to work. Uranus is happy either way right now.

If we combine the T-square and the Pythagorean Triangle, we now find Saturn as the one, who is offering solution to the T-Square. Saturn’s goal is not a short term solution, but the building of a structure that will last decades.

If you run into (a) manifestation(s) that match(es) the T-Square, look for the positive benefits that will come in the long run. You might not be able to see any evidence of it here and now, but if you begin to look for it (or look towards it) it WILL show itself to you.

Maybe it is time to get started on or take another step within a longer journey toward something you want. Or maybe it is time to take a break, step back, and consider the big picture, slow down, and stop rushing or pushing.

To take in the big picture, we have to let go of the details.

Work on the details when there is flow. Stepping back to revisit the big picture is beneficial and keeps us on track.

[Epilogue: Hours after publishing this post, I noticed that Chiron in Aries forms a second simultaneous Pythagorean Triangle. How did I miss that one? That triangle is again anchored to the Quincunx between sun and Saturn. Chiron thus serves as a fourth man in the conversation, and one with a very different perspective than Uranus. His concern is clearly more personal, being in Aries. I’ll have to think about this one for a while since my natal Chiron lies only arc-minutes from the Chiron in this chart!]



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