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In like a Lion

Yesterday, at 4:01 pm CDT, the sun entered Leo, which simultaneously activated a number of aspects.

Studying this chart alone could fill two or three semesters of Astrology.

If we focus on the basic red and blue lines, we find 2 oppositions (180o), 3 squares (90o), 5 trines (120o), and 4 sextiles (60o).

When we combine some of the above, we find: A Grand Trine in the Fire signs consisting of Moon in Sagittarius, Sun in Leo, and Chiron in Aries. A Trine is maximally harmonious. The vibration of each end flows or flips readily to the next. With a Grand Trine, the flow can be so unabated, it can get out of hand.

The above Grand Trine is itself part of a larger configuration, what is called a Kite. One corner of the Trine is opposed, in this case by Mars. The opposition is the backbone of the kite. It creates a bit of tension, which creates purpose. We want to resolve the opposition, and have two primary avenues to do that.

If you bisect a Kite using the opposition, you will notice that each side is a Wedge (or what we also call an Easy Opposition).

The Sun, and most especially in his ruling sign of Leo, is about presences and being-ness. The sun is. We are. (You are. I am.) The essence of each person is present regardless of any action being performed. We can’t not be who we are.

Mars, filled with endless energy, is forever focused on action. He can’t not act. He can’t sit still.

Mars retrograde in Aquarius, however, might be over-thinking his every move, over-analyzing, or thinking about them too much and for too long after the fact.

The conflict between being and doing, which is highlighted here, has solutions, offered by each wedge…each side of the kite. Chiron can act on Mars’ behalf, but with more serious intention. Or the moon can playfully disregard the conflict and simply have a jolly good time, speaking and doing without thought, planning, or regret.

Interestingly, the second opposition, between Venus and Neptune, also has solutions. Again, two options offer solution, as shown by each of the following wedges.

Venus in Virgo wants to apply logical thinking to improve upon the details within the object(s) of her focus. Neptune in Pisces, ever focused on the big picture, can get lost in the feel of it all. The sea seems endless, and it is hard to separate this “piece” of water from that one. All the parts affect the parts around them. No chunk exists separately.

But Scorpio, emphasized by Jupiter, with its laser focus, doesn’t get lost in the sea. (Pisces) Fish swim around, at times with the current, at other times against it. But the Scorpion, if it were to live in the ocean, would seek those dark crevices along the sea floor. It would explore those small spaces, which are unaffected by currents flowing high above them.

Pluto slowly evolving Capricorn is also focused on the big picture. He is not concerned about individual events, which might feel destructive in the moment. He is strategic, not tactical.

If you think about it, Jupiter is more in sync with Venus and focused on details. Neptune is more with Pluto. Yet Venus and Pluto are both working with Earth while Jupiter and Neptune are feeling their way through water.

Last, but most certainly not least, we have a Fixed T-Square. Both ends of the opposition between Sun and Mars, exact this coming week, are square to Uranus. Uranus may be focused on practical goals (via Taurus), but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want ingenious solutions revolutionizing our experience. [Further study of this T-Square can be found here: Longest Lunar Eclipse of the Century.]

For example, man has been moving himself around this planet since the very beginning. The Automobile has been around for more than a century. And yet, we are still coming up with ways to improve our (experience of) travel, whether over long distances or short ones.

Desktop computers, as another example, have been widely used for a while now, and yet we weren’t satisfied with only that. We wanted those computers in our cars, our pockets, and on our wrists, with ever increasing clarity, beauty, ease, and speed.

The solution between Mars in Aquarius and Sun in Leo can be Uranus in Taurus, but it is not that easy to reach.

This post was not meant as an in depth study, but I guess I got a bit carried away. I will end with this one last thought: any souls who chose to incarnate yesterday, probably came in with some strong intentions. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some future leaders among them!

By the way, I, just today, created an Instragram profile just for AFI. My personal Instagram profile is @davidtangredi and my business profile is @afoolsinclination.


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