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80 Years

Today is May 17, 2019. It is my mamma’s 80th birthday and the first one since she made her transition last August. Tomorrow, my pop would have turned 82.

Those of you who know and love my parents are probably thinking about them more now than most days. I am sure you thought of them plenty over these past nine months. We’re all still adjusting.

At times like this, it is a bit too easy to feel regret. “If I knew how little time was left, I would have…”

A couple of days ago, in Divine Timing, I described regret as clarity that came too late. This morning, my Inner Being said, “or you can call it clarity after the fact.”

What is actually happening is we are experiencing an increase in clarity, which is a good thing. We feel regret only when we are looking backward.

This week, I have been gaining clarity within certain subjects and it feels really good.

Yesterday, I felt the impulse to memorialize Mom’s Facebook page. It now says: “Remembering Loretta Tangredi”. I would prefer that is said, “Thinking of Loretta”.

Over these past nine months, I have reminded myself repeatedly that she is still aware of me. When certain things—good things happen, I feel the impulse to call her to tell her about it…like I used to. I then remind myself that she already knows.

Within my intuitive work and focus, I have received messages from those who have transitioned—my parents included. More often, I feel their presence without necessarily getting a specific message from them. The aura of well-being is unwavering.

For example, I most often think about my dad when a song puts me in a particularly good mood and gets me snapping my fingers to the beat. I ask you, is it possible to snap your fingers and feel bad? When in that space, I picture Dad doing that same thing when savoring a song that he loved.

Some day, we’ll all learn to sense and connect with our loved ones better. We’ll be able to check in with them when they are miles and miles away. We’ll be able to send and received messages telepathically. And those touchstones won’t end when they make their transition.

At this stage, I know these connections exist. I have so many experiences to draw confidence from. And I am still honing my abilities.

I know with certainty that my dad joins me when I’m admiring the classic autos I find on Instagram. I’ve been seeing cars from the 50s that I don’t ever remember seeing before. And I know Ma is interested in what I’m going to do next within a few areas of my life.


When you’re thinking about Loretta and Vin today, let the tears flow if you feel them, and then tell them, here and now, what’s going on in your life. I suspect they already know, but tell them anyway because in that moment they are happy to hear it.

They have so much love and appreciation of you here and now. And while they wish the best for each of you, they don’t need anything from you. So feel the love, but let any regret wash away.


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