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Astrology vs Science

“Many astronomy sources state that astrology is not a science. Can you speak to that idea?”

To answer this, I want to take us on a brief journey.

The Four Elements

In my novels, I discuss the four elements, which are represented by the four suits in the Tarot. I also discuss what each symbolizes:

  • Air – Swords – thoughts, ideas, words, communication
  • Water – Cups – feelings and emotions
  • Earth – Pentacles – everything physical including our bodies
  • Fire – Wands – energy, inspiration, spirituality, action

In many cases, these are manifestations. Through alignment with your Inner Being, you can receive: thoughts and ideas, feelings and emotions, things, and inspiration and energy.

The furtherest manifestations, however, are material. Once something physical is created, it is there for all to see. Physical creations are not better than ideas, emotions, or inspirations, they are simply the furtherest manifestations. They are so solid, anyone would agree that they are real. They aren’t more real than thoughts and feelings, but they are more observable by the masses.

Take, for example, a house. Long before it is built, someone thought about it. Maybe a person or two buys a piece of land and imagines living on it. They pick a perfect spot and clear some trees. Standing there, they imagine looking out through the windows.

At this stage, they have feelings about the house, which doesn’t yet exist. When aligned with their desire, they feel anticipation and excitement. As they picture being in the home, more ideas flow in. Some of these thoughts contain more detail and are thus further manifestations.

At some point, the inspiration to act flows in. Maybe these individuals hire an architect to design the house. Maybe they visit suppliers to look at materials they may want to use in their home. Eventually, the hire a builder.


Science focuses on the furthest manifested.It wishes to turn thoughts and ideas (theories) into scientific law (observable and provable). Laws may not be matter, but they are so observable, they are still what I would call furtherest manifested.

Keep in mind that science is fluid. Over time, what is known to be true changes. Evidence can support theories, while still not proving them.


Astronomy is science. The forces governing the movement of planets and asteroids are known. We can cite precisely where objects will be many years in advance. Astronomers are finding new objects all of the time.

Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction states that everything that is real, is only real because it was focused upon long enough to make it real. Just like the house I discussed above. Imagining a house doesn’t make it real (to everyone). It takes a stronger focus than that. But imagination does start the process. Given enough focus, ideas become reality…and theories become proven. Not all humans need to see something for it to be deemed real, but we tend to require some number of people to observe something (and agree on what is seen) to call it real.


Astrology is a well developed body of thought, but no two Astrologers would interpret a chart the exact the same way.

Recently, I had the pleasure of re-reading for someone. A woman had received a reading from another Astrologer, who made some dire predictions and left her reeling in fear. She came to me for a second opinion.

When I looked at the transits to her chart, I did see where the first Astrologer got her ideas. Text books would support that interpretation. But I am not that kind of Astrologer. I rely heavily on my intuitive and my focus is always to see and convey a positive and productive perspective.

Thankfully, Astrology is not a science. A hard Pluto transit can coincide with the death of a loved one, but it doesn’t create that experience. [The first Astrologer’s dire prophecy did not occur.]

I use Astrology as a tool to hone the intuitive. Even though I often see probable future events in Tarot readings, I don’t use Astrology that way, and that is simply because of my thoughts on the Law of Attraction.

We create our own reality; I am convinced of this. I have far too much evidence to think otherwise. Because all physical experience is vibration first, it can be sensed ahead of time. We pick Tarot cards in the moment and can thus read near future potentials through them.

Astrology alignments (transits) can be calculated years in advance. They are therefore not the creators of your life experience. The best I can come up with is to relate Transit Astrology with climate. Chances are it will be cold next January in New York. On any given day, however, it can be mild and sunny or blustery and freezing.

Abraham says that one in alignment is so powerful, he or she can change the weather. Likewise, you can manifest your desires regardless of the position or movement of the planets. When you’re alignment is lacking, however, you just might find yourself feeling pretty darn cold in the winter.

Science has the burden of proof. It focuses on the furtherest manifested. In a sense, it is a lowest common denominator.

There are many schools of thought that are not anywhere near that level. Astrology has been around for a long, long time. It is well documented. It is substantial. In my mind, it is an endless study. Even still, it has not become science. In fact, it is less so now than it once was.

The interesting thing about the Law of Attraction is the more you think something is true (or not true), the more the Universe will provide you with evidence to support your view. You create your own reality. But for something to become true for all to see, all must resonate with it. That will probably never happen with Astrology. That doesn’t mean it is not useful or helpful to those who believe in it.

Metaphysics is the study of that which is beyond physical. Some of this can become science. Subtle vibrations (radio waves, x-rays, magnetism, wifi) become more real when they can be detected even if only by devices.

We don’t want intuitive fields like Astrology, Tarot, and telepathy to become science.

If you can believe only in what you see and therefore what is proven, how will you create something that’s never been seen before?

The intuitive provides guidance here and now. There is nothing more powerful than that. It is worth honing. Don’t take on the burden of trying to prove anything to anyone. Just allow it work for you!


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