Poetic Wisdom

Dark and Light

Everything of the light has the potential of darkness. Everything from the dark has the potential for light.

Light is all there is. Darkness exists only when the light is blocked.

The nighttime experienced by half of the earth is created by the earth itself, casting a shadow.

Is a black pebble dark or light? It looks dark. It seems to emit no light. But there is light hidden inside.

Would you say the night sky is dark or filled with light? If you compare it to the daytime, it is dark indeed. Yet, when you look more keenly, you can find billions of sources of light there.

You can’t find love (truth/light) in places where you are certain it doesn’t exist. Either open up your mind to the possibilities, or look elsewhere.

Love, truth, light are akin to diamonds scattered on the beach. Some are buried in the sand, thus you have to dig to find them. Once in a while, the tides wash the sand away, leaving some diamonds lying on the surface. There they can catch the light and shine, for any and all seekers to find.

One need only look for love, truth, and light to find it.


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