Is it Time to Soar?

Since it’s Mother’s Day, let’s take this approach. If you are in labor right now, and give birth to a baby boy or girl around midnight CDT, then your child will have a very intriguing birth chart.

Tonight, among other things, we will see a kite form in the sky to within one degree of exact. A kite is constructed from a Grand Trine where a forth planet opposes one of the original three. In our case, two planets do.

All of the blue lines represent harmonious interaction. The red line reveals tension due to opposition. Our desire to act opposes our need to heal.

The moon – our emotional expression, aligns with our wounded healer in Pisces, a sign that is rich with flowing emotion.

Mars, in Virgo, desires to change the physical aspects and structures that have been hindering us. He is charging forward and wants to win. He is tired of holding back. He is tired of losing. He is tired of being taken advantage of. He wants what he wants, and he wants it now!

With the opposition, our teenaged male side wants to move forward, but our young inner child is hurting and all he wants to do is sit and cry. We feel sorry for ourselves, and thus Mars has to wait.

And Mars is having a tough time. Last week, Mars was inconjunct Uranus. Uranus was inspired with all sorts of ideas, many all at once. He was poking and prodding us. At the same time, Mars was anxious and raring to go – just like Uranus. But while inconjunct, they just couldn’t agree. So Mars was frustrated and still is.

But the kite is quite motivating. Two channels (through Mercury & Pluto) harmoniously connect Mars with the other two. This means we need to really take inventory of the situation. Where is the win-win? Where can we be true to ourselves and others at the same time? How can we live the dream and save the world at the same time? Is it possible to have a dream job that actually pays the bills too (and then some)?

Sleep on it. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and this won’t be either. Mars is young, but his energy will last a long time. He’s not happy about waiting, but he’ll be as ready to run tomorrow as he was today. Give him something to do in the mean time.

But give Pluto your attention. Think about the root cause of your dilemma. Think about what you really want and why. You may have just realized a few things, but those things weren’t exactly new ideas, they just moved to the forefront of your mind. These things you’ve been wanting, you been wanting for a long time. Pluto knows.

Tonight’s kite will not last long. Hours in fact (as far as the moon is concerned). And you’ll likely sleep right through it (or already have by the time you read this). Nevertheless, the vibe is still available. Take a moment to really look at your life, and think about it. Thinking is only the first step…


1 thought on “Is it Time to Soar?”

  1. Thank you, David. This was amazingly accurate for me and I’m very grateful you wrote and posted this tonight. Thank you! Wow!


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