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Interview with a Centaur

In light of my last blog post, I have a very special guest with me today. It is such a treat to have him along. Please enjoy the conversation.

D: Good afternoon. Since I’m guessing that most of our reading audience is not that familiar with you, please tell us your name and… occupation?

C: Good day, my friend, and all of you reading. My name is Chiron and I am a healer.

D: Is it true that you are known as the wounded healer?

C: I dare say, aren’t we all?

D: Yes, I would guess that we are all wounded healers, but you’re The Wounded Healer, yes?

C: So it has been stated. I guess it is far too late for me to protest. You are free to think of me as The Wounded Healer. Even Jesus died, did he not?

D: Yes he did. But let’s keep the focus on you. It is not often I get a visitor such as yourself. And I am very pleased to have you. Can you give us a little background on yourself, keeping in mind we are student astrologers and novice astronomers here.

C: In that case, let me start by telling you of the object in the sky, which is my namesake. Chiron is part asteroid, part comet, and occasionally thought of as a dwarf planet. Its orbit is odd, sometimes reaching in towards Jupiter, and other times beyond Uranus. It takes about 50 years for Chiron to circle the sun and then return – to use an Astrological term.

D: Perfect. So tell me, why have you only recently come to my attention?

C: Ah, a very pertinent question. A very simply yet complex answer to that question is 2012.

D: As in this year?

C: Precisely. 2012 is said to be the year of transition. My time in the spotlight is yet to come. But I will get to that shortly. Another reason I have become more prominent in your mind’s eye is my current aspects.

D: Do you mean the kite that formed last night?

C: That is a part of it. As you noticed, the kite will not last long. Our dear friend Mercury just simply does not slow down. He’s already getting on to the next thought. But through his involvement he has brought the rest of us to mind – your minds.

D: So he planted the seed?

C: Well stated, my boy. Yes, he planted the seed. Of course, he is still within orb, as we say. Do you know I too am also an Astrologer, by the way?

D: No, I didn’t know that. Well, hopefully we’ll learn something from you today!

C: As you wish, my friend. So Mercury is still within orb of the kite – meaning he is within let’s say 8 degrees of exact. No one agrees on how many degrees defines orb, so we’ll just go with 8 for today. Now Mars and Pluto will remain within orb for longer. Mars will leave orb around the time of the Venus Transit, namely the 8th of June by your calendar. Contrastingly, Mercury will be out of orb before the end of this week.

D: How about Pluto?

C: Pluto and I will be within orb of Trine for quite some time, years in fact.

D: Is this significant?

C: My dear friend, you are very warm – referring to the fact that you are very close to a significant piece of knowledge. But hold on. I wish to speak more of our friend Mars.

D: Ok. What would you like to say about Mars?

C: First, know that Mars is my friend. I am a centaur, you see. And with all four legs being that of a horse, I like nothing more than to run. So Mars and I have that in common, the desire for movement. When I was younger, I would chase Mars around and visa versa. That’s before I ended up in Pisces.

D: What did Pisces do?

C: Slowed me down for sure. Does this frame look like it was made for swimming? Some already declare me as ruler of Virgo, an earth sign, and an element I am fond of. Like many of you, I love to be near the water, running along a river or around a lake. But the water never tempts me and now that I find myself within the waves of the sea, I am not the man I used to be.

D: Just to keep everyone from drifting off, what does this have to do with us and with 2012?

C: I must keep in mind that I am speaking with a Mercurial child. You Geminis get bored so easily. Healing work is not a quick fix, need I remind you? Mercury implants the seed, but he has not the patience to see it through.

D: I would concur that you are right on all counts.

C: Don’t get me wrong. Mercury is a good man. He has his role and he executes it efficiently, but then we all have our roles and mine tends to take more than a season. It can take more than a lifetime. Now Pluto, he has all the patients in the world. In fact, he will not stop until he has reached the root of the issue. And so, while Pluto and I are aligned, you’ll all be a bit more in tune to your wounds.

D: So tell us about 2012.

C: As you desire. 2012 is indeed a transitional year. What has been will be replaced by what is to come. And my dear friend Mars is a bit concerned.

D: You’re losing me.

C: Much of what Mars resonates with is what is waning. Humanity, as it evolves, must let go of its aggressive and warring ways. Mars is afraid there will be nothing left for him. Yet desire will not fade. In fact, it can only grow as healing and manifestation grows. I keep telling him that, but he hasn’t been listening to me much. We are in very different places these days, (referring to our on going opposition).

D: Ok, so aggression is waning, or needs to. What’s replacing it?

C: For one, healing. This has been happening for a while. But the focus is shifting. For many years, the attention has been on our wounds. We’ve been coming out with them for years now. But the other side of the coin is what is growing.

D: And what does the other side look like?

C: On the one hand is the wound; on the other is the healing. In ultimately reality, we are not wounded. The wound, at this level, catches our attention, motivates us, propels us into service. It is a driving force. In that regard, it is not unlike Mars’ desire. The desire to accomplish is very similar to the desire to be whole and healthy on all levels.

D: Post 2012 sounds… interesting!

C: It is! Allow me to paint a picture for you. In the future, the healing industry will morph. It will be less about healing and someday not even called healing. It will be more about care and expression. See, today, the healing industries, both metaphysical and mundane, see wounds and hurts as something wrong that needs to be fixed or healed. In another perspective, pain is really just information. It is literally that. It is an electrical signal that is telling one part of the body what is happening in another part. When you are not paying attention, you may find yourself in pain, but then it gets your attention and guides you. So in the future, it will all be about guidance and care.

D: But you said expression earlier. What’s that about?

C: Expression is the gift given to the caregiver.

D: The gift given to the caregiver?

C: Yes. Are you not happiest when expressing who you really are? Is it not the greatest feeling to love who you love the way you like to love them?

D: Yes!

C: And thus the gift. Many people think that being the kind of healer that I am is the greatest gift. They think that healing someone is the best gift one could gift to another. But, do you know what gift is even greater than that?

D: No.

C: Allowing yourself to be healed by another, or more accurately, to heal yourself in another’s presence. In actuality, we can only heal ourselves or not heal. But when you choose to heal within the guidance of another, you give them a special gift for they get to express their love and experience your shift. Think of it this way, loving someone is a wonderful experience, but not nearly as pleasurable as when that love is accepted and cherished. Unrequited love is often experienced as pain, n’est-ce pas?

D: Yes. Unrequited love does hurt.

C: When someone says to you, “I love you,” it feels good. However, if someone were to say to you, “I love the love you give me for it feeds my soul,” that aught to feel so much greater.

D: Intriguing.

C: Suffice it to say, some of you are probably a bit more aware of your pain today than you were a week ago. If that pain is nothing but information, what is it telling you?

D: It’s telling me a lot of things.

C: I’m sure. It’s reminding you of what you really want that you still haven’t given yourself yet. It’s reminding you of the ways that you are not loving yourself. It’s reminding you of that habits you have that keep your wounds from healing. Dare I say, try to put Mars aside for a moment. Instead of fighting your pain and all of the ones who seem to be the source of it, simply sit and listen. Ask yourself why it hurts. Tell yourself what would be a better experience. Then remind yourself of the tolerance that let the pain in. There will come a day when you won’t hurt simply because you will not allow the hurt. You will see it coming, and put an end to it before it happens. Do you understand what I’m saying?

D: I think I do.

C: Good. Now stop trying to heal everyone and yourself all of the time. Healing is natural. It will happen on its own. Listen! Listen to the information your body is giving you. The quicker you listen, the quicker it can stop screaming at you.

D: Good advice.

C: Let me tell you one last thing before I go. You are familiar with my symbol, yes?

D: Yes.

C: It is formed from the letter o and the letter k. The order makes all the difference in the world. If you see it as k-o, you will get knocked-out by your pain. If you see it as o-k, then you’ll realize that you are ok just the way you are. You needn’t heal to be whole, you already are.

D: Thank you, Chiron, for you wisdom and guidance. I will certainly be paying a lot more attention to you, and listening more readily to my pain.

C: Bless you, my son, and all of your friends that chose to join us this fine day. Be Well!

Here’s a song that I just heard that feels appropriate for this post!


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