Mercury, Gemini, and Everyone

Mercury station retrograde (in Gemini) precedes sun ingress Gemini by approximately 31 hours. That’s close enough to consider them as a single event, or rather the onset of a temporal window. Sun ingress Gemini is the start of an Astrological month, a month which, this year, is dominated by Mercury retrograde. Via the analysis described… Continue reading Mercury, Gemini, and Everyone


1 Step Forward…2 Steps Back

Once again, we find ourselves with Mercury creeping backward in a water sign. Thankfully, we only have six days of it this time. The remainder of the retrograde will be in the air sign Aquarius. Eleven months ago, Mercury stationed direct and ended his retrograde period at 5o Pisces 38’ on March 17, 2013. This… Continue reading 1 Step Forward…2 Steps Back

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Interview with a Centaur

In light of my last blog post, I have a very special guest with me today. It is such a treat to have him along. Please enjoy the conversation. D: Good afternoon. Since I’m guessing that most of our reading audience is not that familiar with you, please tell us your name and… occupation? C:… Continue reading Interview with a Centaur