Finger of God

In Astrology, there is a three-point planetary arrangement or alignment called a Finger of God. It is also called a Yod. Yesterday's 11/11/11 11:11:11 chart features one of these: [If we add in the South Node, our configuration becomes a Kite-Yod or Yod-Kite.] Clearly, this is an isosceles triangle, which highlights one point over the… Continue reading Finger of God

Astrology, Poetic Wisdom

Interview with a Centaur

In light of my last blog post, I have a very special guest with me today. It is such a treat to have him along. Please enjoy the conversation. D: Good afternoon. Since I’m guessing that most of our reading audience is not that familiar with you, please tell us your name and… occupation? C:… Continue reading Interview with a Centaur