Finger of God

In Astrology, there is a three-point planetary arrangement or alignment called a Finger of God. It is also called a Yod. Yesterday’s 11/11/11 11:11:11 chart features one of these:

[If we add in the South Node, our configuration becomes a Kite-Yod or Yod-Kite.]

Clearly, this is an isosceles triangle, which highlights one point over the other two. The Finger of God points in that direction. As one would imagine, it is filled with purpose.

There are many ways to read Natal charts. One can discern personality, tendency, gifts, and challenges. One can consider Transits and Progressions in order to predict future weather and climate.

Or, my particular favorite, one can peer into the soul’s intention and purpose for this lifetime.

Yesterday, I discovered this specific chart partly through a happy accident. I was preparing charts for my newest client. It is at this point that I have to ask, do you believe in coincidences as accidents? Or are they (poetically) when the fingers of gods reach through the veil and touch us?

Abraham’s explanation is the one that resonates with me the most at this time. Paraphrasing:

Coincidences are cooperative instances—instances in time when cooperative components rendezvous. This is how the Universe (the Law of Attraction) works always and at all times.

So yes, Fingers of God!

Now let me share with you an obvious and delightful coincidence that touched me this weekend.

  • On Friday, I am contacted by what will become my newest client. Our schedules align for a reading on 11/11/2018.
  • Through creating her charts, I discover the above 11/11/11 chart.
  • Yesterday, we had 8 points on or near a cusp. Some are at 29 degrees and one (Jupiter) is at 0 degrees.
  • Within that chart is a Finger of God completely at 29 degrees (moments after the chart above).
  • The most significant (and precise) arrangement in my new client’s birth chart is a Finger of God comprised of three planets on or near 0 degrees of their respective signs.
  • Her Life Path is 11.
  • A fourth planet, at 29 degrees, expands her Yod into a Kite-Yod.
  • Given all of this, she has 8 transits to each of the four planets in her Kite-Yod!
  • In her progressed chart, all four angles are currently at 29 degrees and will cross over to 0 degrees over the course of 2019.
  • Her birthday is the same month/day as my brother.
  • Her current progressed chart falls on my mother’s birthday.

These are not accidents!

I will end this post with a (seemingly unrelated) nugget I’ve been wanting to share.

  • If I give you food, that makes me a feeder and you an eater.
  • If I give you knowledge, that makes me a teacher and your a learner.
  • If I heal you, that makes me a healer and you a healer.

Aspects of our language (like this) are not accidents. They are intuitive. The message, in this case, is:

You are the one that heals.

It doesn’t matter which healer you want to be, you are the one that heals. The true healer is the one who heals his or her own wounds. The others are facilitators of healing. And yet, in order to be proficient facilitators, one must heal his or her own wounds.

Some of us have careers that others would describe as obvious healing work, be it western medicine or any of the alternatives. And yet, any work that entails upliftment is healing work. That includes performers of any kind, teachers, athletic trainers, and stylists.

The wounded healer is a profound archetype. In the beginning of her journey, she first wishes to heal herself. She studies and experiments with modalities. She visits healers of various sorts. She embarks and may travel far an wide in her pursuit.

When she finds relief, her joy is beyond what she can contain. She is thus catapulted into healing work of some kind. She remembers her pain, and embraces her newfound ease, and hits the streets once again to share her wisdom, her experiences, her relief, and her ease. She intends to uplift others.

Consider for a moment the possibility that all of us are on said journeys. Some of us might be so early on in the process, the best we can do is act out our pain. The ones hurting others are those.

Others of us are further along. We are focused on healing our pains. We still hurt and may have as many bad days as good, but we are trying, we are focused, we are intent.

And then there are those who are emerging, those who have experienced enough relief, who have created enough ease for themselves, they have enough to give back to others.

If we are all on journeys like these, then we are all in one of these three positions within them. However, even if we’re in stage three, we can have days like the first two. And if we’re primarily in stage one, we can have days like the latter two.

In any event, we are all traveling with purpose, archetypally similar, yet absolutely unique.

I believe that we all have something to give and something to receive. And when we allow the Fingers of God to touch and guide us, we rendezvous in these delightful ways—connecting—each giving, each receiving, each taking a step with intention, with purpose, and moving further along our individual journeys.


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