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A Preeminent Gateway

Less than an hour before I began this post, Sydney, Australia crossed the boundary—the gateway between Saturday 2018.11.10 and Sunday 2018.11.11.

Numerologically, 2018 is an 11 year (2+0+1+8=11). Sunday is thus an 11:11:11. Furthermore, in about eleven hours, it will be 2018/11/11 11:11:11 am in Sydney. That’s a lot of elevens!

Now take a look at the chart for that moment and location:

To help focus on a particular feature of this moment in time, I have removed all of the aspects…and they were numerous.

Notice that we have a planet or point at eight of our twelve cusps. Furthermore, seven of the eight are within 5 degrees of the end of a sign and six of the eight within 3 degrees. Only one point sits on the other side of a cusp: Jupiter, which has just entered his ruling sign of Sagittarius, where he will travel for the next 12 months (approximately).

Eleven (especially 11:11) is considered a gateway. And cusps are gateways.

In my mind, Jupiter expands everything it touches. In a Natal chart, when Jupiter conjuncts (or aspects) another planet, it magnifies the significance of that planet (and any aspects to it). As the largest planet of our solar system, it is essentially a stellium in and of itself. In transit, Jupiter blows up whatever you have going on there.

How fitting that the very week Jupiter enters his kingdom for the first time in 12 years, he does so while the majority of the solar system sits at the gateway of a sign. [And keep in mind that all of these points aspect Jupiter and each other!]

Because there is so much going on in this chart, it is hard to come up with any sort of story to describe it. However, do notice, as I’ve mentioned before, that it is only the North Node that occupies one half of the chart while all of the others circumnavigate the other.

The North Node pertains to what I affectionately refer to as future karma. The Journey of the Fool is from where you are (here and now) to where you want to be. Abraham tells us that everything we desire swirls in our Vortex waiting for us to create a vibrational environment around us in order for it to manifest into experience. So the North Node can be thought of as the direction of our vortex or the calling of it.

Our South Node (our history) is what inspired our asking. The North Node is the result, some of which we’ll let in and experience.

In truth, every moment is a gateway. Whether we experience it that way or not depends on our awareness and perspective.

One view of a gateway is illustrated by time and space. If we pause for a moment and look around us, we can see (remember) all that lies behind us, and ponder (imagine) all the possibilities that lie before us.

The High Priestess
The High Priestess

Another image to consider is that of the High Priestess—card II in the Tarot. Notice how the Roman II looks very much like 11. The card itself illustrates this: the High Priestess sits between two columns—one white and the other black.

In my second book, and some time ago in this blog, I discussed how illumination and disillusionment (two aspects of 11) are the very same thing. When the lights turn on, we come to know all that is strewn around us. The increase in awareness lets us see the assets and solutions we weren’t previously aware of…and simultaneously dispels the false beliefs we’ve been holding on to.

About a year ago, Jupiter entered Scorpio. It was mere days after that when the allegations of sexual misconduct flooded the media. The occurrences didn’t happen overnight, but the awareness of them seemed to.

Sagittarius is itself a sign aligned with expansion. The center of our entire galaxy sits within it. The symbol of Sagittarius is a centaur wielding a bow and imminently shooting his arrow. He aims for the stars ignoring the limiting belief that his arrow will never reach that far.

Presently, Jupiter is the only one sitting in the first few degrees of a sign (though Saturn is not too much ahead of him in his own sign). Many of the others are currently retrograde (and only recently crossed back into a sign). This tells me that we are not going to pop into the new experience as easily as our Saturday will roll into Sunday. This is a developing cycle for sure.

However, individually, we just might be in a position to jump on Jupiter’s cloud and begin moving forward with greater ease than before. Sagittarius is a fire sign and fire is not meant to create something physical (that’s earth’s job and exemplified by Saturn). Instead, let the fires of Sagittarius kindle and inspire that flame deep within you. Let it spark and renew your desire to recommence your own Fool’s Journey.

Venus stations direct in Libra five days from now. That same day, Mercury in Sagittarius will station retrograde and work his way back into Scorpio. As we know, the sun still has more than a third of Scorpio to travel.

In my opinion, adjacent signs are most different, yet they do share something in common. Both Scorpio and Sagittarius carry intensity. Scorpio possesses laser focus and can view as if with a microscope. Sadge uses a scope as well, but his is a telescope. Neither believe in ultimate limits, one simply digs toward the infinity that exists between 0 and 1, while the other seeks ever higher and higher (out there).

Venus and Mercury left Scorpio on adjacent days (opposite ends and in opposite directions). They will station on the same day and will re-enter Scorpio on adjacent days (from opposite ends in opposite directions once again).

The cusps of Scorpio are highlighted, but Jupiter is decidedly emphasizing the latter.

If you are inclined, pull out your birth chart and list the planets (houses and signs) that lie close to a cusp. I wouldn’t be surprised if those area of your life are feeling warm right now.


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