Election Day (USA) 2018

Based on a response to yesterday’s post, I decided to look at the election day charts. And that’s when I found this gem.

Compare the following two charts. This first chart is for shortly after 8 am in NYC:

This second chart is for noon in San Francisco:

In both charts, we have a Grand Cross and a Grand Trine (quite similar to the ones we have today). However, notice that in the morning NY time, the Grand Cross is entirely fixed. By noon SF time, it is entirely Cardinal! Remember that retrograde pattern I spoke about in September? This is a prime example!

Fixed vibration supports maintaining the status quo. It is, essentially, a looking backward. The consistency and stability of our earth life is thanks to fixity.

Cardinal vibration promotes forward movement. It pushes toward the future and into the new.

Will the election results follow the planets? If so, I would expect to see incumbents lose their seats left and right! We’ll know soon enough…


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