Changes Are Upon Us

This chart fascinates me!

First, we have something that is very odd. We have a Grand (Fixed) Cross, which is nearly exact, and entirely retrograde!!!

Outer planets only retrograde when they are on the opposite side of the zodiac from the sun; inner planets only when they are near the sun. I do think the only way to get an entirely retrograde cross is precisely as we see here: one outer planet, one inner planet, and the nodes of the moon, which are always retrograde.

Furthermore, notice that the cross is formed within the first degree of each fixed sign. All of the points will retrograde back into a cardinal sign within the week! That’s a significant and rapid shift in mode.

On top of all of that, we also have a Grand Trine. The Grand Trine straddles cusps. Two points are at the end of water signs, namely Chiron retrograde in Pisces and Mercury and Jupiter in late Scorpio. Mercury will be the first of these planets to change signs, but he will also station retrograde shortly there after.

The third point of the Grand Trine is also one of the corners of the Square where the north node and the moon sit.

To have all of this activity within 2 degrees of a cusp is intriguing, to say the least.

Some of this cusp activity has been going on for a while. Chiron and Uranus had already crossed their respective cusps going forward this year. Now one has crossed and the other will cross back again. Next year, they’ll station direct and cross them again.

Jupiter crosses a cusp at least once a year, but this time (in just over a week), he’ll move into the sign he rules! That means starting early November, we’ll have 3 outer planets in signs they rule: Neptune in Pisces, Saturn in Capricorn, and Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Given that we have so much cusp activity and all over the Zodiac, I suspect that all topics are subject to shifts and changes.

If there is an area (or two) in your life where you’ve not been able to effect change, now could be a great time to give it another go. Don’t push on walls, instead, feel around for doors that are unlocked and maybe even ajar. Those things that are ready to change will give way easily.




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