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Sir Alfred Hitchcock. Just the mention of his name makes your hairs stand on end. His portrayal of the eerie and suspenseful is classic. He was so effective within his genre that simply his voice, profile, or silhouette was all that was needed to start the fear-quakes a-rolling.

And then there’s that characteristic zoom effect we all remember from Vertigo:

We’ve all seen the dolly-zoom, even if we’re too young for Hitchcock. It alone conveys so much information about what is happening within one of the characters at that particular moment in the movie.

With the dolly-zoom effect, the subject remains motionless and usually at a constant size while everything around him/her expands into the distance. Just imagining the effect causes me vertigo as I write this.

Right now, I’m in the middle of my own dolly-zoom. Much around me is fluid, moving, changing, and evolving. Inside, it feels like a complete standstill. I am like your car in the shop. I have been raised 6 feet above the ground and my guts are being reworked. Let’s hope I’ll run once I’m put back together.

So what is creating such an experience? For one, this time-period between May 20th’s solar eclipse and Monday’s lunar eclipse. We’re all in this shadow period together, so you might be feeling it too. I suspect those most affected are us Geminis and Sagittarians. My solar-return (birthday) landed almost exactly in the middle of the two eclipses – so I am especially affected by them.

But there’s more. Take a look at some of the transits I’m having right now:

The red ones are tense. The black ones are strong. I didn’t even bother trying to find any trines, but I suspect there aren’t any.

In case you’re wondering, this dolly-zoom I’m in is part of the reason I haven’t blogged in weeks. I have hardly even tried.

On a good note, life had a way of filling in the void. The Astrology class, a chicken coop building project, and a trip to the country have occupied my days with physical activity while other parts of me have been put to sleep for rebuilding.

This morning, messages have been pushing through. For example, I happened to go to YouTube looking for other things, and then noticed that both of my video blogs had the exact same number of view: 426. That struck me as intriguing.

So I stared at the numbers for a bit, and then saw this: 6/2-4 as in June 2nd through June 4th. June 2nd is today, and June 4th is the lunar eclipse. In addition, June 5th is the Venus Transit, and then June 7th is my Internet radio interview (on Awakening in Austin). So there certainly is a lot going on right now.

Just to be certain, I pulled cards. Of 8, 6 are Major Arcana cards, and that is not common. Sure enough, the present card says that I’m listening and hearing. The underlying card shows that I am being transformed from the inside out. And the challenge card is that I am in some ways immobilized while this is happening.

The last three cards were also intriguing. First the Sun, last the Moon, and in between a struggle card. To me, that is this window between the solar eclipse and the lunar eclipse. Message received loud and clear.

My solar return this year marks the completion of 44 years. I just couldn’t help but notice how that number looks a lot like one of my transits above: Jupiter square Jupiter.

A couple of months ago, I was so excited by the coming Jupiter transits in my 10th house. I was hoping it was going to expand my visibility professionally. This pending interview seemed to be part of it. But what I also learned is that Jupiter expands everything he touches, so if there are oppositions and squares, as in my case, he’s going to expand them as well. Instead of this time period feeling abundant, it just feels intense.

Before Thursday, I’ll post more information concerning the interview should you desire to listen to it live. Then afterward, I post again how to listen to the recording. I’m really hoping that by Wednesday June 6th, after the lunar eclipse and Venus transit have ended, it will be all systems go and a return home from the shop. I’m not sure my stomach will be able to take much more of the vertigo by then…


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