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What’s the difference between making it happen and allowing it to happen? Pragmatically speaking, making it happen is action based. Using your will and desire, you choose to do…possibly against all odds. Determination overcomes obstacles. In the end, you feel victorious or defeated…depending on the outcome. Yet even in victory, you might feel…empty. You might… Continue reading Allow


Is it Time to Soar?

Since it's Mother's Day, let's take this approach. If you are in labor right now, and give birth to a baby boy or girl around midnight CDT, then your child will have a very intriguing birth chart. Tonight, among other things, we will see a kite form in the sky to within one degree of… Continue reading Is it Time to Soar?


Shifting Gears and Rounding Corners

[This is part 1 of 3 - so far...] Are there any car buffs out there? Do you know how a gearbox works? Can you drive a car with manual transmission? Even if you’ve answered no to all of the above, have you ever seen a movie or commercial where they show the workings of… Continue reading Shifting Gears and Rounding Corners

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Fat to Fit

With spring just days away, a lot of people are thinking about weight loss. Here in Austin, we just finished with SxSW - a bit of Carnival Austin style. In response to the excess, there's a city-wide movement to cleanse. Be it creating a new habit of diet or exercise, a little inspiration can't hurt.… Continue reading Fat to Fit