Poetic Wisdom

What If?

Yesterday, when I was working with a young master, I received the following message:

What if the Universe knows exactly what it is doing?

Sit with that question for a moment. Think about it within the finest details.

How often do we feel that something is a mistake? Often these days, we look at the conditions of our life, the economy, government, or earth changes and think, “Surely this isn’t right”.  We only see tragedy, calamity, chaos, and loss.

But what if the Universe knows exactly what it is doing?

In the early part of the hero’s journey, s/he is often sent to do some menial task. S/he frets and complains, as the task is viewed as below him or her. But then, further down the road, we the observer (and often the Hero as well) gain insight.

When we resonate with fear, we very often start questions with “What if…”

  • What if I take this job, and a better offer comes along the next day?
  • What if I invest in this endeavor, and it fails miserably?
  • What if I marry the wrong guy?
  • What if I let the right one get away?
  • What if I fail to find and/or execute my life purpose?

Historically, my experience with the Perfection of the Universe has been in retrospect. After the worst is over, I look back and gain insight. Tools like Tarot and Astrology assist.

But what about looking forward?

Well, hey, there’s a thought! Maybe it’s time for me to stop using guidance solely to pick up the pieces. Maybe it’s time for me to start placing the wiser face forward, to hold my head up high, and to actually trust in the future.

I often say that the Fool is a wise teacher by example; he only appears foolish. But unlike some of the others (the Hermit, the Magician, and the High Priestess), he has no impression of the future. The Fool is not psychic. He doesn’t consult the cards or the stars. He doesn’t pay the future any mind whatsoever. He is thus as ignorant about tomorrow as you and I.

So why should we look up to him at all? Because he trusts the Universe and accepts each gift as it is given.

When you catch yourself saying, “What if…” while conjuring up this fear or that, follow on with, “But what if the Universe knows exactly what it is doing?” and let the possibility flow over you.

  • “What if there is Perfection in the Universe?”
  • “What if everything I need does show up right when I need it?”
  • “What if I am exactly where I’m supposed to be?”
  • “What if failure is an illusion?”

They say that time heals all wounds, but what if time also fufills all dreams? What if the only real question is “When…”, and not ever “If…”?


4 thoughts on “What If?”

  1. David, i am having a particularly rough day with fear and doubt and worry. I saw your post came in and although i have work to dig into i had the feeling your post would speak to me and help me through this difficult day so i opened it first before moving on. As soon as I opened it i felt the surge of emotion we get when something resonates with us and helps us shift perspective. Thank you for putting yourself out there…..it means a lot. Jacquie (aquaintance of Michele’s from CT)


  2. David, I’m going through some scary changes in life right now and I have many doubts and fears (very much like the ones you outline here). I meditated on this last night before bed and I think this post is my answer 🙂 Thank you!



  3. David, This blog reminds me of a message encountered last week of the importance on the spiritual Path of maintaining the essential qualities of faith, hope, and charity (love). All of us love others or things…we can not live without love. The more our hearts are filled with unconditional love, the more we practice the Christ principle and nothing else may enter the heart. Faith is unwavering belief in God, Spirit, or the Universe, faith replaces fear with bliss. Hope is the looking forward you refer to as the “expectation of perfection in the Universe.” The fool doesn’t have to see the future to believe in destiny or purpose. Which is why Hindus and Buddhists advocate ignoring the illusions or emptiness of life, to realize the centered self as part of the whole. Mastering not getting caught up in joy or pain, success or failure, taking them all the same is the key to the master’s way.


  4. Hi, David! I was given a “message T-shirt” years ago that said something along the same line:

    “I am where I’m supposed to be, doing what I’m supposed to be doing, or I would be somewhere else, doing something else.”


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