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The Reward

Two men exit their respective offices and step into the 50th floor hallway. Both approach the elevator and reach for the call button. As their hands arrive simultaneously, each looks up at the other. The man on the left nods to the first, who quickly presses the button in response.

The elevator makes no sound. Although the building is modern, this elevator is not the kind that displays its location above. The doors are so well insulated, neither man can tell if it’s coming. Only the light emitted from the call button indicates the possibility.

The man on the left places his briefcase on the floor and begins reading a document that had been tucked in the outer pocket.

The man on the right looks at his watch, then up above the elevator doors. He exhales audibly, places his shoulder bag on the ground, and then glances at the other man who is deeply focused on his reading. He looks at his watch a second time, then pulls out his phone. With no messages to read or respond to, he steps over to the window and looks out.

The view from the 50th floor is amazing. This side of the building faces downtown and the river all the way to the hills beyond. It is a beautiful May evening and thus flowering trees dot the cityscape. If one were counting, four different colors could be picked out of the scene.

However this man sees not flowering trees, and he hardly notices the buildings. Instead, he looks at the traffic on the freeway and grunts. He scans the street below in both directions gauging how many taxis are available. He then looks up at the sky to make sure it’s not going to rain; it’s impossible to catch a cab when it does.

The man looks at his watch a third time, and then turns back toward the elevator. “I don’t understand why, in a modern building like this, the elevator can’t tell you where it is.” He says this out loud, but mostly to himself, and the second man ignores it, if he even heard it at all.


While the man on the left finishes the paragraph he was reading, the man on the right picks up his shoulder bag and moves in close to the elevator doors. He starts to enter the elevator before the doors are fully open, and is then annoyed to have to step aside and let somebody out. He quickly climbs inside and presses the lobby button, which has already been lit.

The man on the left gently folds his document and slips it back into the outer pocket, then picks up his briefcase and steps into the elevator. He glances at the control panel and acknowledges the woman standing near it. She smiles demurely in response. The doors quietly shut and the elevator descends.

So now, let me as you a question:

Which man waited longer for the elevator to arrive?

Well of course, that’s a silly question; they reached the elevator at the same time. But I bet if you peered into their consciousness, you’d find that the man on the right waited much, much longer.

The above story was inspired by a snip-it from yesterday. I will fictionalize the conversation this way:

Me: “Now here is the Queen of Pentacles; she is patient. She understands that everything that comes to her is hers, and is happy to receive it when it arrives.”

Client: “Well how long does one have to wait? Geesh, haven’t I waited long enough?”

Spirit through me: “Patience need not be about time.”

Years ago, when I worked in an office building, I saw a fortune (from a cookie) that a colleague had taped to his wall. It said:

The reward of patience is patience.

Frankly, that saying pissed me off every time I saw it.

Why can’t the reward of patience be me getting what I want sooner? I’ve felt that way most of my life. So imagine my surprise when I heard myself saying these words:

Patience need not be about time.

But the words really seeped in. After my client left, they stuck with me. Even while I was lying in bed waiting for sleep to come, I compared where I am now to those days before. I thought about all of the things I have wanted, and still don’t have, and then thought about how differently I feel about it all.

I am not sure when this happened, but I can honestly say that I feel more patient than I have ever felt before. I am not in a hurry to get somewhere. To be honest, I’m not sure if this is a just a phase. Next week, I might be pining for this or that and frustrated all over again, but today? Today I am resonating with that sentiment. I am the man on the left reading the words in front of him, content and relaxed. Do I trust more than the other guy? I don’t know. I’m not thinking this newfound patience is necessarily a result of trust.

Today, the sun is at 3 degrees Gemini. That means it is only 3 days past the end of Taurus.

Taurus is an interesting sign. It is the most stable, the most constant. The season of Taurus is about having and holding what we want. It is about possession. Yeah, after a season of Taurus, we can get pretty attached. Having eaten our cake, we want to have it too. The only greater fear than not ever getting what we want is to have it and then lose it.

But Taurus has its purpose. Through Taurus, we really get to experience what we value. Stated another way:

We get in touch with our values through experience.

Our values are not stagnant and neither is our awareness of them. Sometimes we need to discover what we value, and at other times, we are honing them into what we really want rather than what we think we want.

Now that we are in Gemini, it is time to explore. Gemini, like Aries, does not like to sit still. Neither is particularly known for their patience. Taurus seems patient, but more because it simply doesn’t want things to change.

But things always change. Isn’t it intriguing that following the most stationary sign in the Zodiac comes the most changeable!

There are 27 more days of Gemini, and 27 days left of spring (at least for most of us). Summertime is the proverbial Eden.

One manifestation technique I like to teach is this: Imagine that your dream will come true in 27 days, guaranteed! Suppose there is no chance it will happen sooner, and no chance of failure. What would you do for the next 27 days? Are you going to be like the man on the left, or the man on the right? Are you going to sit and wait for it, or are you going to enjoy what’s in front of you in the mean time?

How many kinds of flowering trees can you see from your window?


1 thought on “The Reward”

  1. David, Entering Gemini’s twin personalities reminds the expression that “two heads are better than one”. Also to pursue “wisdom impatiently and relentlessly with patience”. The man on the right is in the first half of life, the false self attachments and ego pursuits. The man on the left is in the second half of life, he has realized the real divine self devoid of attachment desire and ego. He has evolved in wisdom and patience as you have. I just finished a course at Seton Cove based on Franciscan Richard Rohr’s excellent book “Immortal Diamond”, in which is advocated destroying the false self through meditation and unconditional love of others to realize the real self or diamond soul that lies therein. In meditation and love we destroy the false self and feel the “high” or higher frequencies that
    result in regular meditation and practicing goodwill and care towards others. Another analogy is those who crave relationship love don’t seem to attract it or get it. But once you stop desiring and just love yourself and others…here he or she seems to come easily.
    Thanks, John


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