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What is Fair?

What is fair? Is it black and white? Does it boil down to simply this: one of us is right and the other is wrong? Is it all or nothing—fight to the death—winner takes all? Is that what fair looks like?

Is it survival of the fittest—the early bird always getting the worm? If I have the strength to take that worm away from you, does that make it fair that I do?

Is it majority rules? Does 51% have the right to dictate life for the rest of us? What about the 90%? Do they get to dominate the other 10%?

For that matter, is it fair that the ones with the most cash gets to set the rules, then break them and pay their way out of it?

Bring it into personal relationships. Is the bread-winner the master of the household? Does his value (MONEY) trump the value of the nurturer, the cooker, the cleaner, the feeder, the rearer?

Mercury stationing in Libra brought a clear lesson to me. Fair is not always obvious. It is not always simple. It is certainly not black and white. It contains nuance, intention, timing. It sometimes requires delving down before moving forward. It may require a mix of hard and soft.

It is not fair for me to simply take care of myself. It is also not fair for me to take care of you and disregard my perspective.

Fair sometimes requires us to move way out of our comfort zone…out of our protective place. It is not always the first answer…or even the tenth.

There are a lot of people trying to force the issues into a this-or-that, a one-size-fits-all solution.

I think “fair” requires giving it some time to work out. We need to take time to see it from more than one angle…possibly from all angles.

Fair can be achieved…it can also be improved. It is never 100%; it is never done. It should be allowed to change…it must be allowed to evolve.


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