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Us versus Them

Today is 11/22. By some measures, it is the most interesting day of the year. For one, it is a double master number. For two, it is the transition from the most internally intense sign to the most externally expansive sign.

In one view, it is when we get flipped inside out. It is where negative infinity meets positive infinity. It is the precise moment we realize that inside of every atom is the entire universe.

I’m going to play with some comparisons for a moment.

Scorpio Sagittarius
Introvert Extrovert
Inward Outward
Negative infinity Positive Infinity
Atom/subatomic particles Universe/Multiverse
Intense Expansive
Intent Extent
Greatest desire Greatest manifestation
Strongest feeling Most expressive
Pluto (most distant) Jupiter (most massive)

The sun crossed into Sagittarius at 9:25 CST. Earlier this year, Saturn crossed into Sagittarius for real (meaning it will not retrograde back into Scorpio and will not revisit Scorpio for 26 years).


This morning, I found myself rereading a post from three years ago about Saturn in Scorpio. For months now, I have been thinking about what Saturn in Sagittarius means (for me and everyone). So far, I haven’t come up with anything as elegant as last time (“Need versus Desire: Saturn in Scorpio”).

Using sun sign analysis, which applies to all Geminis, Saturn entering Sagittarius means it crossed my Descendant and entered my relationship house. I strongly suspected that a relationship would show up and would induce significant learning. Not surprisingly, that has already happened.

Contemplating the cusp from Scorpio into Sagittarius, I now have some new thoughts about Saturn’s journey.

Scorpio is about transformation—a journey that necessitates traveling in, in, and further in. The boundary into Sagittarius flips things inside-out. Without changing direction, we now find our selves going out, out, and further out. That is because deep inside of each of us is the whole universe. I can’t explain it, but I feel it…I sense it…I get it on some level that does not exactly include my brain (at least not solely).

Can you follow how all of these pieces fit together? My progressed Mercury (my mental tendency) has changed…specifically from logical Gemini to feeling Cancer, which then drops me into the vast sea of Pisces where everything lives!

Perspective is everything…and…perspective is not simply what one thinks. It is not only what one sees or how one looks at it all. It is also how one feels…deep down…beyond verbal description.


Consider Mars for a moment. Right after Mars conjoined the North Node at nearly the Aries point of 0o Libra, we experienced a significant event (in Paris), which induced a strong global response. We all were affected by the event itself or the response that followed. Many are still reeling…and reacting.

Mars rules war, but also passion. In fact, it takes strong passion to choose to engage in a war (or to fight for anything).

Mars rules Aries and Scorpio: birth and death. In a sense, Aries is the birth of ego (of individuated self). The Aries point (0o Aries) can be thought of as the moment of birth. Then, at 23o 59’ Scorpio, we die. 0o Sagittarius is thus rebirth into the collective experience. We are no longer one, but rather a part of THE ONE.

Scorpio represents the pinnacle of intimacy (the merging and melding of individuals). That ecstasy is what induces death (an alternate spelling of depth). The moment after Scorpio, we go from the most intimate to the most public. It is when everything inside is blown outward. We can no longer hide. We have become transparent. [Sagittarius cannot tell a lie. It says what it thinks without hesitation. It thus reveals itself!]

Sagittarius relates to the ninth house: the house of philosophy, religion, (morality?), international travel, and global affairs. The center of our galaxy sits within the astrological sign of Sagittarius, as does the Great Attractor.

These days, people are publically battling (arguing) morality. There are not just two sides, although many try to divide the world that way. I think any Astrologer would say that we are decidedly experiencing (exhibiting) our transiting Saturn in Sagittarius now.

At the same time, we are expressing (exposing) our insides—our deepest needs and desires…and beliefs. I think many (all?) of our needs and desires stem from our beliefs.

In the minds of many, armies (and thus wars) are needed to protect freedoms. Most believe that we only have freedom because it was won. The underlying belief is thus that we are not free (innately) and that freedom is so fragile, it has to be vigilantly protected.

This brings me back to Mars. Scorpio represents the deepest intimacy we can feel. When we reach that level of intimacy, some wish to join with a specific significant other (through sexuality). Mars rules sexuality. It makes sense that from deep intimacy can come deep vulnerability and if we feel insecure within our vulnerability, we turn toward an aggressive defense, which is viewed as offence from the other side.

Pluto is said to be the higher octave of Mars. To solve our Martian conflict, we have to rise up to/through Plutonian transformation (from the inside out). Fighting someone/something outside of our selves is a way to do this…that is why war is permitted by the universe (by God, if you prefer).

Viewed another way: Freedom is so prevalent, we are allowed to perform the most atrocious acts…and yet we are STILL LOVED…always…even in the exact moment we are committing atrocities!

There is nothing you can do, which will cut off the love the Universe has for you. No matter how much you hate, you are simultaneously and unendingly loved.

Many people out there cannot believe this. Some of us can believe it intellectually, but not yet within our hearts. All of that is okay, because we can come to believe and experience these truths at any moment, even if for only a moment.

Us versus Them

Right now, the world is resonating within the idea that it is always us versus them. I recognize this within myself. For me, it is personal.

The idea is this: I cannot be happy until this outside thing/force/action is removed or destroyed. I cannot be safe while this threat exits.

Our view of cancer (the disease) is another manifestation of the same construct. It is a threat that gets us from within, yet we consistently seek what outside influences cause it. We label all sorts of things as cancer-causing and thus seek outward for cancer cures.

In these two profound ways, we give up our power. Every effort seeking power over something outside of us (or inside of us) gives away our true power.

Freedom is not given to us. It is something we innately have. Yet we can give it away (by creating an illusion that it is not ever-present).

Life is not given to us. It is something we innately have. Yet we can give it away (by creating an illusion that it is not ever-present).

Those who most seek to control others are those who are most fearful.

The only way we can feel safe, is to let go of fear. The only way we can feel free, is to let go of the idea that we are not free. Not knowing a solution doesn’t mean the solution doesn’t exist; it simply means we haven’t found it yet. Logic cannot be the sole tool to solve all problems because we are not simply ensouled brains. We are not one-dimensional.

“Terrorism” is a convenient label. It implies one side is right and the other is wrong. It attempts to hide the fact that war has two sides and is when two perspectives collide.

The Lunar nodes recently occupied 0o Aries/Libra – the ultimate we-versus-they opposition in the Zodiac. Libra represents justice and yet many (most? all?) acts of war are justified by those who perform them. Attacks are called “justified retaliation” by one side, and “terrorism” by the other side.


Humanity might have a long way to go before it rises above the concept, construct, and reality of war. So be it. Individually, we do not need world peace to attain inner peace. We can live on the same planet – enslaved by war or utterly free.

You have that choice, but you alone must choose for yourself.

Sagittarius is prone to exaggeration. Saturn is not immune. For the next three years, we are best served by monitoring our own exaggerations (our own dramatic responses to things less significant then we make them out to be).

Many out there want you to see the world in black and white (black versus white?). Do you really want to give up seeing this world in all of its splendid color?


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