What do you believe?

Four days ago, Saturn at 7o 2’ Sagittarius made an exact square to Neptune at 7o 2’ Pisces. I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit and there is no shortage of information to ponder.

A square butts two energies/archetypes/morphogenic fields against each other emphasizing the contrast between them. With Saturn and Neptune, this is easy because the two are as opposite as they come.

  • Saturn builds…Neptune dissolves
  • Saturn is structured…Neptune is amorphous
  • Saturn is disciplined…Neptune cannot be pinned down
  • Saturn is objective…Neptune is subjective
  • Saturn is unemotional…Neptune is nothing but feeling and sensation
  • Saturn is everything you can see and/or touch…Neptune is everything else
  • Saturn is clear and conscious…Neptune is foggy, dreamy, illusory
  • Saturn asks you to wake up and smell the coffee, which might be burning on the stove…Neptune asks you to shut your eyes, fall asleep, dream, fantasize, take this pill, and fall into the abyss.

Society tells us that Saturn is paramount. It pays the bills, puts food on the table, fuels your car, and puts a roof over your head.

What does it say about Neptune? You’re a sloppy drunk. Stop daydreaming and pay attention. Grow up. Get a job. Your head is in the clouds. You’re out of touch with reality. It’s just your imagination. Don’t do drugs. You’re delusional. Do you hear voices? You’re sick. You have a mental illness. That’s not true. That’s not real. Imaginary friends are for children. Get a real job. That will never work.

And then there is Abraham.

Abraham says: You are a vibrational being; the larger part of you is non-physical; you create your own reality; what-is does not matter; what you imagine becomes real when you line up with it.

In a sense, Abraham says: Forget Saturn and pay attention to Neptune. Care about how you feel…follow what feels better; the rest will come.

Saturn in Sagittarius begs questions like:

  • What do you believe?
  • Who do you believe?
  • What is real?
  • What do you realize?
  • What do you hold to be true?
  • What do you manifest?
  • How do you manifest?
  • What is reality?
  • How does your reality compare to another’s?
  • Which is right?
  • Who is right?

Ah, but philosophy says, “Perception is reality.” Well, it’s your reality anyway.

If you believe you have an enemy, you will feel threatened, no matter what. If you believe you are unloved, you feel unloved (i.e., you fail to see where and how you are loved.)

We live in interesting times. Thanks to the internet, we have access to more information than ever, right at our fingertips, accessible to us nearly anywhere…yet we find ourselves questioning everything we see, hear, read, and watch.

Have you used the news app featured in iOS 9 by Apple? When you refresh it, it says, “Checking for new stories…” See, even Apple doesn’t believe the news. They are not articles; they are stories!

Life feels more surreal and sublime than ever. I remember when it felt magical and mysterious. Now it seems insane. It no longer makes sense. It’s out of control.

And yet, at the same time, things are manifesting faster than ever. I feel like I can watch thoughts (and emotions) precipitate like rain and then fall from the sky.

Saturn in Scorpio helped us wade through needs and desires, conceptually and item by item. But there is no experience quite like manifesting (experiencing) something (someone) that showed up exactly (precisely) as you asked. It blows the mind. It makes you question what you really want and need. It sounds like pure fantasy, but the reality of it has a way of affecting you to the core.

Many of us give the majority of our day to Saturn, and then play with Neptune in the evening or at night. We tolerate our stressful full-time jobs, then have a drink (or a toke) in order to relax and take the edge off at night. We work hard during the week, then play hard on the weekend. The more serious of us see only Saturn during the waking hours and then only reluctantly give in to Neptune’s dreams when sleeping.

When I was a software engineer, I created something non-physical from something non-physical.

Computer programs, like stories and songs, are not physical. You can run a program on a computer, but you cannot touch the program itself. You can read a story from pages in a book, but you cannot touch the story. The story exists beyond the book. The song exists beyond your iPod. These are non-physical creations that can be experienced in physical ways.

These days, we interact with the non-physical more and the physical less. We don’t buy records and paperbacks; we download mps and ebooks. We don’t hold and pass around photographs; we look at pics on our phones and share them on Facebook and Instagram.

In recent days, my “designing” has evolved. I imagine in my mind, like I used to. I use software programs to draw much like I used to use software editors to write. But these years, I’ve been building the creations too. I’ve measured and sawed the wood; I’ve screwed the boards together; I’ve cut and stapled the wire; I’ve attached the hinges. Building a chicken coop seems more pedestrian than writing an app or a novel, and yet it takes the act of creating to a whole new level.

I think it has been an important part of my growth to work like this…to take an idea all the way into physical form.

Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces begs us to consider our beliefs before manifesting them. In other words, choose your beliefs. Feel them out.

Go to and type in the word “believe”, then read the synonyms listed.

It will help you realize that the act of believing is a choice. You DO get to believe what you want to believe, but it takes some discipline at first.

While pecking around the internet, I also found this article:

Oh, what a delicious read that is! Take a look; it’s not long.

When you say, “I believe this,” you are saying, “I hold this to be true.” But underneath, you are also saying, “I wish this to be true.”

I wish for each of you to have the experience of a clear and precise manifestation; to have before your very eyes something that looks, feels, and interacts just the way you asked. For one, is it amazing to behold. For two, the reality of it will affect you deeply.

In some cases, you will urge yourself to ask differently or more carefully. If you look closely, you will notice that the precise manifestation holds some of your wants and some of your fears, all rolled up into one.

Abraham says, “Beliefs are simply thoughts you keep thinking.”

Whenever you state a belief to yourself or others, immediately consider whether it is a belief you wish to have or not…then decide whether to give it more of your attention or less.

Saturn is about responsibility. It is also about making things real…or rather it makes things real for you and then you have to deal with it.

The square to Neptune is a reminder that imagination matters…imagination literally becomes matter when given enough energy (i.e., focus, attention).

Your reality can be reflective of your daydreams or it can be a product of your nightmares. The choice is yours. You choose with your intention. To know of your intentions, mind your attentions.


3 thoughts on “What do you believe?”

  1. david- i know its been a real year of growth and change for you and all of us – i may not talk to you often but i always read your posts and appreciate your person take on things.. i have to say, this post is so RIGHT on for me to read right now.. can’t thank you enough- its my birthday tomorrow, dec 2 and i am personally dealing with a huge change in my belief system.. so i appreciate your questions ,,,, and inspiring me to ask myself “what DO i believe?” thanks again, keep’em coming!!

    annie perry in NEW HAMPSHIRE >


  2. As usual, it’s taken me some time to experience in my world of what you wrote. I am asking myself what I believe and what is true? i hope to discard worn out beliefs. Have you thought of workshops? Lol! Great blog, David. In appreciation D

    Sent from my iPhone



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