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About nine years ago, I received a message from spirit. What I heard was something like this: “If you let go of everything you have, you will receive everything you want.”

Every now and again, I recall that message. Often, I remember it when I am a bit frustrated. I yell back at it and say, “But I’ve let go of my house and I let go of my career, and I’ve let go of traveling. I’ve let go of so much—what more do I have to let go of?”

The frustrated part of me is a child. He thinks simple thoughts and thus interprets messages from spirit literally. Even while my child rants, I know it’s not about those things. I know it’s more about limited beliefs. Interestingly, I understand a bit more or a bit differently each time I remember it.

Consider these series of statements:

  • Let go. Let it go. Let it leave.
  • Let go. Let it go. Let yourself go. Allow yourself to go with the flow.
  • Let go. Let it go. Don’t hold onto it.
  • A belief is something you hold to be true. Let it go. Let it go away. Let it leave.

Almost every day, I spend a little bit of time listening to Abraham-Hicks YouTube videos. They are so much fun. I purposely avoided Abraham-Hicks teachings for years because I wanted the channelings in my books to be in MY words rather than theirs.

Since I’m no longer working on books I’ve gone back to Abraham’s teachings and have encountered nearly the same words!

For example, in a number of places in my books there is a variation of the following: “The Journey of the Fool is always from where you are to where you want to be.” These days, Abraham often says, “Your desire is to go from where you are to where you want to be.” They talk also about the path of least resistance as the easiest way to get from where you are to where you want to be.

So why did I hear it as The Journey of the Fool?

The Fool

Well, because The Fool—the archetype from the Tarot—has no resistance. The Fool has no attachment. The Fool carries nearly no baggage. The Fool has little belief and thus little doubt (a negative belief). The Fool is not in a hurry. The Fool is along for the ride. He stops to smell the roses…and enjoys the vistas along the way.

To journey like The Fool requires little. In fact, if we think we’re doing it, we could probably do a bit better by simply letting something else go…laying down something we’re still carrying around.

Ten of Wands
10 of Wands

Compare the image of The Fool (left) with the Ten of Wands (right).

This morning, while listening to Abraham, a new analogy came to mind.

Abraham often speaks of the momentum that develops from a habit of thought. They encourage us to start minding our thoughts (and vibration) right when we wake up before a negative momentum builds. Essentially, they are helping us get off on the right side of the bed.

Thoughts that induce strong emotion have strong momentum. They take us places. The problem is, they take us to the same place they start from. They are like taxis (or buses) with destination signs written on them.

For example, let’s say you are angry about war (or terrorism). You are so angry you want to kill someone. As you rant about how evil terrorists are, you whistle for a taxi labeled “Angry about terrorism”. But you know where that taxi came from and goes to? The Battlefield! If you want to go to the battlefield (or the next place a terrorist attack will occur), get on that cab.

If, however, you want to be in a better place, let it go. Let that taxi go. Let that rant go. Let it leave your mind and emotional body.

Abraham reminds us to not talk about things we don’t like…UNLESS it will make us feel better.

Sometimes, we can only let something go through our vocal cords. Worded better: sometimes the path of least resistance from where we are (ANGRY) to where we want to be (HAPPY) is to go ahead and say what we want to say…to get it out and move on. We must remember to move on though! We’ll call another cab, we simply need to let it pass us by!

I experienced this last week. I tried to move past a negative thought that kept circling around all day (like the same taxi passing me repeatedly). I kept saying to myself, “let it go and don’t talk about it.” Instead, it came back around, slowed down, opened a door for me, and waved me in.

Late in the afternoon, I finally gave in and talked about IT with a good friend. And you know what happened? Right after I finished getting it out I was (finally) able to let it go. My whole body vibrated for a moment, letting me know I was now free of something I held onto.

If you’re angry, hurt, frustrated, or afraid of something, sometimes the best thing is to just get in that damn cab that keeps showing up at your door. Go ahead; take it for a ride. You’ll soon realize it’s not going where you want to go. When you do, pay your fare and get out. Let it go and then whistle for a taxi going where you DO want to go. It may take a minute, but it will come.

The more you practice this, the more you’ll see it work.


5 thoughts on “Taxi!”

  1. Loved it. I needed to hear that!


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  2. I love your post David. It is so appropriate to what I am living and most especially understanding, in the last few weeks about “Letting go” and ” “Acceptance” . One does not give up, by doing this. It is more about allowing the flow and “trusting” that everything will be “fine” because it always is…


  3. Your explanation of The Fool is an alternative and welcome approach to life that could benefit many of us. I like to think of Mike Wizowski’s response to a barcode blocking his face in the magazine cover photo as a good example to emulate. It can be difficult to get over automatic negative perceptions about The Fool, about many things really, however unwarranted the label. Thanks for the explaining this “let it go” method. I’m ready to give this a try!


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