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Freedom and Safety

The New Moon in Gemini occurred on June 4 at 10 pm CDT. This nearly coincided with the opposition of Saturn (Sun opposite Saturn). The New Moon chart shows even more. In fact a grand mutable cross occurred at that time []:

6.4.2016.newMoonIn my opinion, the New Moon sets the stage for the lunar month ahead or at least the two weeks between it and the Full Moon. Grand crosses are maximally tense and challenging, being comprised of squares all the way around. This one consisted of 8 squares and 4 oppositions, if you considered all of the orbs. Furthermore, the lunar nodes (also known as the nodes of fate) were only a few degrees off of the cross. If you factor them in, then you have 6 more aspects!

The Full Moon will occur on June 20 at 6 am CDT. That chart is no less significant. The Sun and Moon oppose within the final arc minutes of Spring []:

6.20.2016.fullMoonSummer will begin less than 12 hours later. Notice that in this second chart, Mercury almost exactly opposes Saturn and reconstitutes the Grand Cross.

A few weeks ago, I was working with my spiritual mentor. I mentioned to her about a limiting belief I had unraveled. I said to her, “I often feel as if the only way to attain freedom is to be alone, (to be by oneself, to work as an individual, to be autonomous and independent).”

Later in the discussion, she started talking about safety. It was as if she misheard me. She then looked at her notes to read what I had said earlier and caught herself. She looked up at me with an insightful stare and said, “You say freedom, but I wonder if you really mean safety.”

Freedom and safety (security) go hand in hand. We, as a society, have amassed armies for those two reasons.

In my mind, Astrology, even if never applied to individuals, is immensely insightful. The arrangement of the Zodiac and the archetypes within it teach us over and over again.

For example, the Aries points (0o Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) are consider to contain additional significance. They do, after all, mark the beginning of each season.

As I mentioned above, the Full Moon occurs with the Sun and Moon less than ½ degree from two of Aries points. When I was thinking about the relationship between freedom and safety, one of the Aires points came to mind, namely the cusp between Gemini and Cancer.

In a normalized chart, which has 0o Aries as the ascendant, 0o Cancer falls on the IC, the bottom of the chart. It thus is the cusp between the 3rd and 4th houses. In my opinion, no archetype symbolizes freedom more than Gemini (which is mutable air). And none better represents safety and security than Cancer and the 4th house (security and the home).

But there is an oxymoron between the two. Complete freedom requires letting go of safety and complete safety means letting go of freedom. Consider the choices parents make all of the time. To protect their children (and keep them safe), they limit their child’s freedom. Our society does the same. Laws are created to protect us, but they simultaneously limit our freedom. [Our headlines are filled with heated examples of this debate!]

So, as a society, we finance a military to protect our freedom and keep us safe, and yet those things that increase our safety, limit our freedom and vise versa.

Is this an unsolvable dilemma?

Actually no, because true safety does not require protection. True safety is a state of being, a perspective, a mindset. It may be hard to adopt that mindset all of the time while living on this planet, but the archetypal mindset does exist. According to Abraham: it is law.

You are free to think whatever you choose, which means you are free to feel whatever you choose. Therefore, you can feel completely safe regardless of circumstance. Focusing on safety creates safety. In this way, freedom creates safety; it doesn’t limit it.

I was born with a number of planets in Gemini. All of them have progressed into Cancer at this stage of my life. I am embodying the above dilemma. As I work through this, I continually remind myself that: I am free…and…I am safe…simultaneously. It is not a trade off.

One last tidbit I think is worth mentioning describes something else I recently noticed.

At times, I have found myself saying (with strong frustration), “It should not be this way.” Once I get there, I get stuck. I can’t seem to see past it. “It should not be this way,” I think again and again. Frustration builds and approaches anger…or panic. Because I get fixated on the very thing I strongly dislike, I feel bad and simultaneously cannot find a solution or a way out. In that moment, I feel most unfree and most unsafe.

Noticing that something ought to change is fine, but by making the above statement my repeated mantra, I entangle myself with it energetically.

My practice of late, however, has been paying off. I now catch myself in the early stages. When I say, “It shouldn’t be this way,” I quickly remind myself that I do know what I prefer, and that it is on its way. I then focus on anything that is going well in my life, which begins to move me back into alignment. Alignment then allows my preferences to be experienced.

I cannot make the world a safe place for everyone. I cannot give anyone the freedom I know they innately have. But I can exercise focus to continually know what I prefer. Simultaneous freedom and safety IS available, and the world does not need to change for me to experience that.


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