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In response to my last post, a reader sent me an email. She shared that she has the same struggle I described and then asked:

“How do you conjure desired feelings at will?”

That is precisely the question. When we figure that out, we are set. While I don’t have a complete answer to this, I do have more to share.

Abraham says, “Ask and it is given.” If we reach for a feeling directly, we are asking. Even if we cannot conjure up the feeling at that moment, any attempt to do so is an asking.

Abraham also says that the vibration of an answer is not the same as the asking. We ask, but must allow ourselves to be guided to the answer from there. That’s why we don’t want to work hard at it. The harder we try, the more we create momentum in the asking. What we really want is momentum in the movement toward the answer (and thus away from the asking).

Playing around some, this is what I have so far experienced:

I have been wanting to feel excitement again, so I have been reaching for it. At times, I sit and try and remember what excitement feels like. I most want to feel excited when I am feeling the opposite: bored or anxious.

It is not often that I can move myself to excitement in this way, though I have been able to nearly touch it at times. [For example, right now I’m on the precipice of excitement and can reach out and touch it.]

Some time later, when I’m not trying to do anything, something in life can bring me to excitement. Maybe it’s through humor. Maybe it’s through observing something that intrigues me. The key is that once I notice the feeling of excitement, I then focus on it.

Abraham encourages us to “milk good feelings” when they show up. They do show up. By focusing on them when they do, we add momentum. They might flee us again shortly after, but they will return.

Another approach I am practicing is this:

In the past, I considered myself a realist. I wore it with pride. I thought it was a good thing. I now understand that realists and being a realist hold us back. When someone shares a lofty dream, a realist shoots it down. “Be realistic,” they say. “That can’t be done.”

I now remind myself often to let that go. In response to my desires, or anyone else’s, I now say to myself, “Just because you don’t know how to do it, doesn’t mean it can’t be done.” A current project of mine is helping me practice this…big time.

Our job is not to figure out how. The Universe will guide us there…step by step.

If you want to be able to conjure up feelings at will, as I do, start by identifying the feelings desired. The Universe already knows what they are, but reminding yourself and thinking about what you desire, helps you move toward it. It also helps you consciously notice the feeling when it is near. For example, if you desire excitement (like me), noticing excitement (in others) is beneficial.

And a huge part of this is to let go of noticing the current less desired feeling. I sometimes catch myself saying, “I feel tired. I don’t feel so good. I don’t know what to do. I have a headache.” It’s a bad habit to continue to tell yourself what you are feeling, when it is not where you want to be. That’s why we want to spend more time thinking about desired feelings, even if we can’t quite get to them yet.

From my apartment, I can hear children playing in the pool below. When I do, I acknowledge it. It is happening right now as I write this. I am focused on my work (and enjoying it), and I hear children having fun at the same time. Often, I take breaks and go to the window to watch people enjoying the pool below.

Watching people have fun can cause us to ask more. We might at first feel separated from them, and alone. But with focus, we can shift our perspective. We can stop comparing what we feel to what they feel, and just focus on the fun…on the excitement.

Just because you don’t know how to get there, doesn’t mean you can’t get there. The only thing you ever need to know right now, is the next step to take toward your desires. That’s it.

I hope this helps. And don’t hesitate to send me comments or questions!

P.S. I just happened upon this 2:40 minute Abraham video, which is SO worth watching!!


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