Channeled Message, Law of Attraction, Poetic Wisdom


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Empowerment is in the eyes and ears.

It is not what others say (or don’t say) that will bring you ease and joy. It is only your listening, your hearing, your seeing, and your focusing. It is only your aligning with your desires and your values that will bring to you ease, joy, and the realization of your dreams.

So many out there yell with upraised fists: “Paradise will be had when you, and you, and you stop doing this, and that, and the other thing.”

Statements like that give away the little power you believe you have. Statements like that put your happiness, your ease, and your joy in the hands of all of those others. They know not who you are. They know not what you desire. It is not for them to decide. It is not for them to determine.

Your worth is solely within your receiving. The dissolving of your fears is solely your responsibility. When you ask the others to change for you, you give all of your power and worth to them. And then you feel as if you have nothing in return.

Do, be, say, and think as you wish. It is your right. [And it is your rite.] Your life, your reality, your experience of this world is your creation…not theirs.

You cannot save them. You can hardly even help them…not from where you are. Not from within your pleading for others to confirm to your desires, your ideals, and your wants.

Desire what you wish, but know that it is your responsibility to give it to yourself. Of course, once you do give yourself what you desire (by aligning to it), you will find it coming to you from ALL sources!

Stop asking individuals to conform. Stop asking groups of others to change. Stop asking countries and laws to realign. Stop asking others to choose differently.

Instead, conform to your ideals. Change into whome you want to be. Align to your own desires. Choose to see it all differently. Ask only of yourself…and, of course, the omnipotent Universe within you.

When you accept the power that you already possess, only then will your reality conform to your desires. Only then will you see the paradise you have been seeking. It won’t be in the words or actions the others say or do; it will be in the words and actions you hear and see.

Your judging is what makes it so. If you deem it to be wrong, then it will wrong you. If you deem it to be inappropriate, then it will interfere with you.

We say simply this: if it pleases you, gaze upon it further. If it pleases you not, pay it no mind.

Each moment you condemn what you do not like creates ten fold more moments when it will revisit you. Is that really what you want?


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