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A Slinky Descending

I woke this morning earlier than anyone should on January 1st. But I’m not complaining.

Yesterday, I got to do much of what I love. I started the day writing. I watched some football. I cooked one of my favorite meals. I got to see some fireworks from my window and it even snowed for a bit before the calendar flipped.

I started the first day of the new year just the same: writing. This time, I started with a journal entry.

Journal writing, for me, is often me reaching for the receptive mode. At times, it is like feeling around in a dark room. My hand touches something, my fingers explore it, and my mind tries to figure out what it is. There is satisfaction in that process.

At some point, a flowing image popped into my mind. This video is a real life example of the same:

[Use this link if you don’t see a video above: .]

Watching a Slinky descend stairs is very satisfying. I so appreciate finding this particular video because the largeness of the slinky slows down the motion, and the coloring brings it all home. We can clearly see the action.

Notice that while there is always some part of the Slinky in motion, the feet (the ends) are stationary most of the time. The Slinky steps down, unwinds from the upper step, builds potential energy on the lower step, and then steps again.

My Inner Being fed me this image for a reason. It is the way things work much of the time. We are conscious of the stepping (and the time in between steps) more than we are aware of the unwinding and winding. In other words, we notice actual physical motion, but tend to not notice the flow of energy in between.

Often, we (I) ask for the quantum leap: the step. I desire the next rung; I try to convince myself that I am ready; I so want to make the step already.

This visualization, however, is what I more truly desire. I’m not in a hurry to get down the stairs. I’m not even in that much of a rush to make the next step. I do desire more awareness of the motion.

The movement of the Slinky’s winding and unwinding is satisfying. The step…then step…then step motion is satisfying. It is the rhythm and the flow that most appeals to me.

So, my desire for this newly hatched year, is exactly this. My physical motion being step…rest…step. My metaphysical energy flowing, not at a constant velocity, but continually.

The stairs, in this visualization, represent physical matter, circumstance, and resistance. Electricity flows, but it is only via resistance that lamps illuminate and heaters generate heat. Resistance is what the physical world is comprised of.

Gravity models Source and our inner beings. It is always present, always pulling and guiding us forward, always flowing energy. A Slinky can descend stairs indefinitely due to the constancy and consistency of gravity.

Gravity is also our desires. We’re never satisfied completely. Stepping from one stair to the next can be completely satisfying in the moment, but then new desires build urging us to step again.

My wish for my 2018 is this kind of motion: step…then step…then step, while also seeing the continual flow of energy. I want to trust more and then know the unending nature of gravity pulling me forward. Each step will be different. My physical motion may seem suspended at times, but the energy will continue to flow until the next leap forward.

My wish for your 2018 is the same. May you see your life as this Slinky gracefully descending stairs, continually moving you from where you are to where you want to be, and full of color and motion and vitality.


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