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Abraham vs. Astrology

Yesterday, a good friend, client, and reader of my blog emailed me the following question:

How do planets work along with the Abraham teachings?

She had happened upon an article written about the New Moon in Capricorn, which occurred on 1/16/2018 and coincided with a 6-planet stellium in Capricorn. For the most part, the article was positive in its focus, but there was an admonition buried in the middle of it.

Astrology is an interesting beast. On the one hand, I have a strong intuitive connection with it. It speaks to me and I can feel both general and personal Astrological configurations as they are occurring even when I don’t know about them in advance. I can’t tell you how many times I looked up a general chart or the birth chart of a person, and found complete confirmation to what I felt was there or happening.

So, in my mind, there is a definite correlation between planetary configurations and the vibrations around us. But how then does the Law of Attraction factor in? There seems to be conflict between the two. Astrology alignments, which are predictable years and years in advance, seem to support the idea of fate, while Law of Attraction, as we are taught, is all about the present. In other words, Astrology seems to describe limitation and challenge, while Abraham teaches us that we can be, do, or have whatever we want.

The best way I can approach this question is to describe two different analogies for you—one for each type of Astrological alignment.

In Astrology, there are what I will call general alignments, which occur in the sky. For example, the New Moon in Capricorn and the 6-planet stellium it participated in is of this type. Astrology blog writers primarily discuss this type because they apply to everyone in a general way. These alignments represent or coincide with a general vibration that all of earth passes through.

I would describe this type of alignment this way:

You’re strolling along the path of your life and happen upon a raging stream. The energy (vibration) of that stream represents the Astrological alignment. It is well defined, observable, and something that many would describe in a similar way if focused on it. Where Law of Attraction and Abraham come in is what you choose to do with that stream. You are free to jump in and let the current have its way with you. You can turn around and walk away from it. You can walk along it one way or the other and seek a way across it. Or you can sit and wait for the stream to calm or dry up. If you’re careless or not paying attention, you might even fall into the stream unintentionally.

Your personal vibrational momentum will draw you into one of these actions, but you still have control over your own destiny. The stream is what it is and you can’t turn it off, but that doesn’t change your point of power in the present, which is exercised via your focus and intention.

In this second analogy, I will describe the experience of a personal transit. For example, that New Moon in Capricorn made an exact alignment to my friend’s birth chart, which in part had her feeling it in a stronger way. Furthermore, another exact personal transit is/was occurring for her, which has a similar vibration and thus added to what she was feeling.

Those types of situations are like this:

You are walking along in life, heading to a meeting perhaps or attending an outdoor party. Unexpectedly, the sky opens up and it begins to pour. You didn’t see this coming, and thus get caught in the deluge without an umbrella.

Personal transits, which are infinitely more interesting in my opinion, hit you in personal ways, but not always. Some days, the sky can open up, but you happen to be home for the day, or safely sheltered from the storm. Not every personal transit is going to affect you. Whether it does or not is based on the momentum of your vibration.

When you are in alignment, you’ll intuitively move yourself into a good place to weather the storm, so much so, you might not notice it at all. But if you’ve been allowing doubt and worry to build in your vibration, a personal transit might just pop an unpleasant manifestation into your experience, which catches you off guard.

Planetary alignments are nothing more than weather. Some feel great, and some don’t. We all have our own preferences and tolerances in terms of temperature, cloud cover, and precipitation. And we all get to choose where on the planet to live to harmonize with the local patterns.

Admonitions, be they Astrological or otherwise, are by their very nature fear-based. Keep that in mind whenever you collide with one. The more your worry about something, the more you’ll run into admonitions that will cause you to shutter. When you do, take note of your reaction, and then refocus.

Remember, Abraham tells us that when we react negatively to an idea or experience, it is when our Inner Being sees things differently than we do. If you feel fear around someone’s warning of doom, that is simply you believing in or focusing on the possibility of harm when your Inner Being is most certainly focused on the opposite: the current and ever growing potential for well-being.

Years ago, I chose to stop focusing on and writing about general astrological alignments because I found it too easy to see them as storms heading our way. In my own chart readings and those I do for others, I don’t focus on personal transits that are coming. Instead, I correlate someone’s current experience or question to what I see in the chart. This allows me to discern deeper understanding and guidance. After all, if you do find yourself stuck in the rain, it is helpful to look for some options to get out of it quickly and easily. Furthermore, it is also helpful to know whether the rain is part of a fast moving thunderstorm or the front edge of a hurricane because the best response to the one is not the same as for the other.

Alignment always, always, always trumps Astrology. It doesn’t change what’s going on out there, but it guides you into the best place to ride it out.


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