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Happiness is…

Happiness is a thinking game. You feel happiness as an emotion, but you get to happiness through your thoughts.

Wealth, to the outside world, is an adjective. It is objective. You can measure the amount of money a person has. You can count the cash, tally up the assets, analyze the value. You can create a scale and place each of us on it. This one is rich; that one is not. The banking system has us trained: “What is your income? What is your credit score?”

A form of happiness, which can be labeled Abundant, is not objective. It is only measurable by the one feeling it or not.

Getting what you want is no different than happiness. You can buy that house, or truck, or phone and how you feel about it will be based on how you think about it. Do you feel you got a deal? Or did you pay too much? Do you even care about the cost? Did you get the model you actually wanted? Were you surprised and delighted by the extras?

What was the journey to it like? Did it feel like you were wrestling with the seller or the process? Or maybe wrestling with yourself and your fears? Did the doubts linger beyond that transaction?

Abraham tells us that the Universe is taking you where you want to go. The option is whether you’re fighting the current or flowing with it. The Universe knows what you want. It knows precisely where (and when) to find it. It hardly ever tells you in words or directions, but it will lead you there.

The path of least resistance may very well be full of resistance. And yet the workings of the Universe care not in the least. You see, it is a thinking game! Everything is! You think you can afford something…or not. And you will only take actions you trust in that moment. Maybe someone or something wears down your inhibitions. Maybe it catches you at just the right moment.

Your thoughts about everything matter. You can take that sentence literally. Your thoughts coalesce into experience: matters (as in circumstances) and matter (as in physical objects).

Think back for a moment. Think of a situation that kept you up at night. Maybe you fretted; maybe you worried. Maybe you feared you made a (huge) mistake. Dread will keep you up at night, and so will regret.

Now think of a time when you talked to someone about it…and truly listened to what they had to say. Specifically think of a time when that person talked you off the ledge. They presented to you a different perspective and one that calmed your fears or your hurts. Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of information to shift things. Of course information can take you in either direction.

It is becoming more and more apparent to me the value of thought (meaning perspective). People who desire readings are often looking for assurance. They hope the cards or the planets will show them that good things are coming.

I’ve discovered that my job (as a reader) is easy. That is because good things are always coming. My focus and intention is to reach for the details and find them.

Life is a thinking game. It is also a journey. That’s why we coined the phrase train of thought. Each thought leads to the next one. The key to happiness is simply directing the train! The next thought might not be joyful, but if it made you feel just a little bit better, we’re going in the right direction. It’s no different than traveling south in the winter.

Life has shown me that the Universe will lead you right to where you wanted to be. It will surprise and delight you.

Life has also shown me that you can fret…and still get what you want. You can worry…and it can all work out. You can feel defeated; you can think you made a huge mistake; you can convince yourself that they’re cheating and lying to you; and after you allow yourself a bit of movement, you’ll flow right back into something better.

You can have what you want. You can afford it, even if you don’t yet believe that. You can get there, but it might require letting it happen rather than making it happen.

Jealousy, anger, fear, depression, anxiety, and panic will not stop you from getting what you desire…not indefinitely. In those rough and ragged moments, it’ll feel like nothing is going right and nothing is going well. But know that this is not a problem the Universe can’t solve.

From the Universe’s perspective, it’s not a problem to begin with. Here is a excerpt from my novel Journey to the Temple of Ra—a conversation between John and his Guru:

“But what about the thieves?” John asked. “What did I do wrong to make that happen?”

“My boy, the Perfection of the Universe is difficult to see. To the uninitiated, it can materialize as an arduous task or a poignant challenge. You see only what was taken, not what was given in its place.”

“Even so, did it have to be like that?”

“It was not the way it had to have been, nor the way it was supposed to have been, yet it was perfect the way it was nevertheless.”

“I guess the first problem is fearing men like that to begin with…and the second problem…is feeling violated by their actions.”

“I would say the first problem is believing there is a problem, and the second problem is experiencing that belief over and over again. Your fear is not the problem; it is there to show you your innermost thoughts. The entire Universe conspires to help you get from where you are to where you want to be. It is not wrong to be where you are, but it is an illusion to think you are someplace else.”

There is leverage in all of those challenges. As Abraham says, when you ask, it is given. Those times are nothing more than a stronger asking.

If you find yourself in any of the above, it is OK. Don’t fret over your worry. Don’t beat yourself up over your struggle. Ask. Yell it into the empty room if you must, but know your request is being heard. The solutions are already in the works and you can get to them!

Mercury stationed retrograde yesterday. Many believe that if you buy something (or sign a contract) during Mercury’s backward travel, things won’t go as well. As an intuitive astrologer with the life perspective I have, I guide myself away from that line of thinking. And yet, it is hard to resist blaming Mercury when redos are necessary.

Let me assure you: redos are a part of the journey. Thank God for them! Sometimes, we do make decisions that later feel like mistakes. We do things that don’t turn out they way we had hoped. Sometimes we have to spend time just working through our thoughts until we calm the concerns.

Every planet has its time retrograde. Abraham says that we never get it wrong because we never get it done. There is always an opportunity to do better, to improve a situation, or to find a better (more suited) example of whatever we desire. Redos are helpful!

I used to think I had to live with my choices right from the start. I felt obligated to follow through once I started down a path. As a result, I became very gun-shy. I spent more effort trying to make the right decision at the onset. What a burdensome task that became!

Life is fluid. We learn from our experiences. And there are always opportunities to move into a better place from here. More and more, it is best to let go of the past decision that felt like a mistake. We can redo, but we can’t go back. In other words, we can’t go back to yesterday and do it differently, but the universe can guide us into a new opportunity to make it better—to allow it to become better.

Happiness is a thinking game…and that is a very good thing! You might not be able to change your home, your car, your relationship, or your job this moment, this day, or even this month. But you can reach for thoughts that feel better, which will reset your train. That train will lead you to better feeling ideas, which will eventually reveal actions you can take or solutions that are already working themselves out.

And through just this much, you’ll let in more of what you want!


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