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Riding the Wave

More than 10 years ago, I did a reading for a woman who was an avid meditator. Through her practice she was even able to fall into a state of supreme connection and oneness that lasted days.

Despite thinking that getting a reading would be mind-candy and something she was not interested in, she felt a draw, felt inclined, and ultimately decided to come in for one. At that time, I was doing Akashic Records Consultations, so no cards and no charts.

During the reading, THEY showed me an image. I saw a dolphin swimming in the ocean. At times, it was under the water, and then it would jump out of the water and fly momentarily through the air.

From this image, I received the message. What THEY told her was that the point was not to be fully in the water or solely in the air, but rather to make the journey back and forth over and over again. Each time she rose up into a higher state, when she came back, she brought something with her. THAT was the point! If the higher realm was the point, she could simply leave earth altogether.

That imagery and message has stayed with me ever since and in fact feels very apropos right now.

Yesterday, while writing that post, I felt good. I was excited to have something I felt like sharing. I am not sure I conveyed the intended message well, but what came through seemed to work, so I posted it.

The afternoon was good. I was busy. But late in the day, I found out about what was happening in the financial markets. Normally, I wouldn’t investigate, but given my current finances, I needed to check things out. And I was shocked. I quickly did exactly what I advised NOT doing in the post. I imagined unwanted events continuing.

I managed to relax myself back into a calm state. However, at midnight I woke in a panic again.

Now truth be told, this feeling of panic is not new. Well before any coronavirus news got to me, I had one minor panic after the other. In fact, this has been a bit of a pattern since October. Sometimes it’s not panic, but fear, or anger, or regret. In all of these cases, the negative feeling came on strong. It was sharp and acute.

In every case, I was able to find my way back to center. In fact, once I got there, I not only felt calm, I felt excited! I felt really good! My feeling of well being popped in big time.

Like that dolphin, I swim for a while at one level, fall into the other, and swim my way back. I was going to say fight my way back, but that is not really the process. Focus my way back is probably the most accurate way to describe it.

Back to last night. Lying there in panic, I expected it to be a long night. Usually when I feel strong fear in the middle of the night, it is some time before I can recover.

However, insight flowed in. Not sure where it came from, but suddenly I understood a significant part of the panic. After that, I started remembering that I trust the Universe. I started reminding myself of the very things I wrote about yesterday, that I create my reality and no matter what happens, I can and will find a way forward.

I then reminded myself that I can choose—here and now—to be calm.

Well, believe it or not, I had a first ever (that I can think of) experience. I very gently and very quickly flowed right into calm from the acute panic. It just happened very quickly and with no effort whatsoever. Within moments, and without really noticing, I fell back asleep.

Even when not struggling with strong emotion, I don’t go from fully awake to back to sleep that quickly or easily.

I next woke at my more or less normal time and I woke feeling refreshed…unlike just about every day for weeks. The very first message I encountered from a friend in Europe was filled with good news and I then flowed into excitement and legitimate optimism.

During my morning writing, I did a reading and the message was VERY clear and VERY positive.

A healer friend had emailed me days before: Susan Renaud (The Renaud Effect). She is a gifted medical intuitive and I reached out to her for a long distance healing session (back in January). She was checking in. When I wrote to her about my experience above, her response exactly matched that of Lee Harris’ mid-March energy update, which he posted yesterday. Basically, extreme opposite emotions are the thing right now. Here’s a link to Lee Harris‘ recent video:

I wanted to share this with all of you because there are plenty of resources out there for you if you would like some assistance. I am going to list some below.

For example, the Communion of Light has answered a number of questions about this time period that I have thoroughly enjoyed, such as these samples:

I’m concerned about this coronavirus.

I have a feeling something amazing could happen with this virus.

Frank Butterfield, who channels the COL, offers workshops just about every week and if you subscribe (or search his site) you will find plenty of free samples. I have recently purchased two of his workshops after the fact. I then listened to the recordings on my own schedule. These are proving to be very helpful!

One last person I want to share with all of you is Zachariah Bourne. I follow him on Facebook and he shares some free videos, which gives you an idea of his work.

Watch some videos, read some posts, listen to some podcasts and if you’re inclined, book some sessions, sign up for some workshops, or get a reading from me. There’s plenty of options!

And if you are interested in my thoughts on something specific, send me a message…

Best wishes to everyone! Love and Hugs to you!


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