A Lack of Trust?

Yesterday, I did a card reading for a client. She had laid out the cards herself and asked me to interpret them for her. As I went through the spread, I arrived at a pair of cards in a position that indicated weakness or challenge. The cards were the 2 of Cups and The Star.… Continue reading A Lack of Trust?


Windows of the Soul

Yesterday morning, I set out for my daily walk in the park. To get there, I walk through a couple of blocks of my neighborhood, then down the hill. En route, I passed a van and then later an Amazon delivery person. I smiled at her and she smiled back. Her smile was warm, broad,… Continue reading Windows of the Soul

Tarot & Numerology

[beep]… This is only a Test…

Early Saturday morning, Mars made an exact aspect to Neptune (sextile). The driving force of the impetuous soldier pierced the veil allowing the viscous fluid of the intuitive to seep out into the open. When you look into the dark liquid, what do you see? 11:50 pm 12/20/2012: All artificial communication has been offline, so… Continue reading [beep]… This is only a Test…