Windows of the Soul

Yesterday morning, I set out for my daily walk in the park. To get there, I walk through a couple of blocks of my neighborhood, then down the hill.

En route, I passed a van and then later an Amazon delivery person. I smiled at her and she smiled back. Her smile was warm, broad, genuine, and beautiful…except I never actually saw it.

As I descended the hill, a somewhat new thought occurred to me. The general idea, which is a long standing theory of mine, is that the Universe has been training us to hone our intuitive and extra-sensory gifts. The new specific thought is that masks are training us to see more with our third eye.

I have often said that I see auras, but not visually. I don’t see the colored emanations that glow around people. Instead, I somehow see (or hear or feel) information when looking at people. I am left with a strong impression about where that person is emotionally.

With strangers, this might as well be fantasy. However, I have had confirmation in other situations. For example, some years ago, I attended a party. A woman, a friend of a friend, was there. I hadn’t seen her in months or longer. I don’t see her often, but I have seen her intermittently over the years. We chatted a bit, and then drifted on, as one does at a party.

After that interchange, I walked up to the mutual friend we have. I turned to my good friend and said, “What is going on with _____?” I could tell, from her aura, that she had been through a lot recently. Well, my friend gave me the reader’s digest version, and yeah, it was a lot.

This time of masks just might be getting us to look each other in the eye more.

The lower half of the face shows emotion readily. Just look at how many emoticons vary only with the mouth. Smiles, frowns, and all the other subtle mouth and cheek configurations are readily readable.

But the eyes are the windows of the soul! They hold so much more information, however this requires a study more than a glance. And yet, many people do smile with their eyes.

Furthermore, it is not at all uncommon for one’s eyes to convey a different story than their smile. That is when one is trying to show pleasantness, while still fretting or hurting on the inside.

Yesterday, while walking in the park, I could clearly see this woman’s beautiful and vibrant face in my mind…including the half that was covered. It was as if I saw right through her cloth mask. Well, this makes sense because she was in no way trying to hide what she was feeling in that moment. It was a pleasant morning. Because it was Sunday, I imagine her delivery schedule was lighter than an average day.

I’ve met people at parties or through friends, who, when finding out what I do, ask if I am reading them. I used to feel put on the spot. I don’t actively read people I don’t know, but I also don’t turn it off intentionally. So sometimes, I do get lots of information without seeking it.

These days, I don’t have speakers hooked up to my computer. As a result, I find myself watching short news clips that roll by on social media with no sound. It is amazing the impressions one gets this way. I hear not the words, but the eyes and facial expressions speak fathoms to me.


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