Eighty-four it!

Do you remember back a number of years, when the restaurant term “Eighty-six” became popular in American vernacular?  People would go around saying things like, “It was a problem, until I 86’d it.”

Well, right now, in the summer of 2010, we need to coin a new phrase: “Eighty-four it!”

One of the great things about vernacular is that you can learn a great deal about what is going on in a culture just by paying attention to it.  For example, right now, a very popular vernacular is “double-u tee eff!” or “WTF!” I am sure there isn’t a reader out there who doesn’t know what WTF stands for.

In this day and age of constant written communication via texting, email and instant message, it makes perfect sense that a short-hand language is emerging.  Even new spellings like ‘thru’ are so popular, it is only a matter of time until they are officially accepted as legitimate alternatives in formal written language.  After all, is it really necessary to write ‘through’ when ‘thru’ is all you need?

But what else does the popular use of “WTF!” tell us?  It tells us that people are expressing themselves more.  “WTF!” is not just a phrase, it is an exclamation.  AND, it is one that is derived from a question.  Some may actually mean “WTF?” rather than “WTF!”.

And why are people questioning things this way?  Because “WTF!” is an appropriate response to the absurd! And that’s another piece of information that the use of WTF is indicating: the presence of the absurd.

Four blog entries ago, I wrote about disillusionment and enlightenment and explained how they are really two sides of the same sword.  When you uncover the truth, you uncover the lies; there is no way around it.  And when you uncover absurdities, you find yourself saying, “WTF!”

This is good.  This is fantastic in fact!  This is telling me that the Indigo children are adults now and their vibration is resonating with the rest of us.

So, life is absurd and people are starting to SEE that life is absurd. Even if it has been absurd for a long time, it is now being ACKNOWLED as absurd and the frustration felt in response to that is being expressed! This is good; this is healthy!

If you are still bothered by the use of WTF, get used to it.  It’s not going to go away any time soon.

And that brings me back to 84.

Last week, I noticed while writing my blog entry that the numerology of

4+8 = 12/3

came up three times in that profound reading.  I noticed the repetition, but I didn’t fully get why.  I thought I understood what all of the numbers meant and walked you through it all, but I still felt there was something more significant there.

I didn’t see it then because of the way I wrote it.  What spirit really wanted me to see was this:

84/12/30 … 3

84:  8+4 = 12 … 1+2 = 3
12:  1+2 = 3
30:  3+0 = 3

[BTW – don’t forget that 2010: 2+0+1+0 = 3!]

So, class, does anyone know what the numbers 84, 30 and 12 have in common, besides all being numerologically 3?

Here goes, and you are going to love this!

84 is the approximate number of years it takes for Uranus to circle the sun
30 is the approximate number of years it takes for Saturn to circle the sun
12 is the approximate number of years it takes for Jupiter to circle the sun

And these are 3 of the 4 planets most involved in the Cardinal T-Square!

What spirit really wanted me (us) to know is this:

(84 + 12)   o-o  30  =  3

Uranus plus Jupiter opposite Saturn equals the creating of change… Big, Big Change!

The Cardinal T-Square that we are in features the above opposition.  Uranus and Jupiter are conjunct and both of them together oppose Saturn.  Sitting 90 degrees from all of them is Pluto.

So Pluto (the Roman name for Hates and god of the underworld) is mediating this conflict.  Do you think Pluto wants them to get along? NOOOOO.  Pluto wants a fight; he wants a war.  The World Cup bored him to tears cause he wants to see blood and tears, not just sweat!  He misses the days of the gladiators and the lions! People don’t die playing ball, at least not often.

Pluto drags you to the underworld to deal with your demons so that you can be reborn a better version than you were before.  So what do the other planets do?

Well, Jupiter, the biggest planet in our solar system, expands everything he touches.  He is the great multiplier.  Better send him your good thoughts because his Xerox machine is gonna take your thoughts and copy, copy, copy away!  You give him 2 fears; he’ll turn them into 20. You give him 2 loving deeds and he’ll flood you with love in return.

And Saturn is the disciplinarian.  He is the restrictor.  “Be responsible,” he says.  He comes around every thirty years to make sure we grow up.  It’s called the Saturn Return.  You turn 30, and suddenly you’re not a 20-year-old any longer.  And before your allowed into the golden years, you have to pass his 2nd inspection (around 60).

Saturn is your dad, if you’re a military brat, and your mom if you’re Italian (sorry mom – only kidding).  Seriously though, Saturn is that disciplinarian you carry around with you that says: “Do you really need another cookie?” “Don’t you have work that you need to do?” “It’s 6:00!  Time to get up and go to work!”

So some would say that Saturn makes the world go round, Jupiter makes it fun, and Pluto adds just enough hell to keep us on our toes.  But what about Uranus?  What is he all about?

Well, Uranus is the proverbial teenager.  He is the one who grows his hair long and dyes half of it red, or cuts it into a Mohawk.  He is the one who puts his earphones in at breakfast so he doesn’t have to listen to your silly Have-a-nice-day’s.  He’s the one, at 16, who refuses to follow curfew and comes home 60 minutes late every weekend until you finally give up trying to control him.  Uranus is the Indigo child.

So Uranus wants to break the rules that don’t really make sense (to him anyway).  He needs to express himself; he is not going to be like everyone else.  He is an artist and an idealist, and doesn’t need a following because even though he’s got a message, if you’re too dumb to get his message, he doesn’t care about you anyway.

And Jupiter is at his side and has been aching to have a really good time for a while.  This recession has been killing his buzz and he’s getting itchy.

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to be Saturn right now.  It is like a single mom with twin teenaged boys.  She’s trying to maintain order, but they just won’t have it.  Their hormones are raging and they are growing taller practically over night. They have an abundance of energy, and you’ve kept them in the house too long.  You might as well let go of the reins; they’re just about to break anyway, and the boys are gonna mess up your house no matter what you do.

Uranus takes 84 years to go around the sun.  With our current life span, at one’s Uranus return there’s no energy left to break down any barriers (except, maybe, the barrier between the physical world and the afterlife), so Uranus has to have fun along the way and he does this by sparking when the other planets play with him just the right way. Like right now.

So what would it mean to 84 something?  Someone gives you some stupid rule that has you saying, “WTF!” – so 84 it!  Blow it out of the water!  Don’t take it any more!  Don’t listen to her or him; do what YOU want to do!  Activate that slide and get the hell outta there!

That’s the energy right now.  In readings I’ve done over the past week, it has become clear that Uranus wants us to rebel.  Not to be obnoxious, but to set ourselves free.  “Express yourself,” he says, “Stop letting her/him/them/it stop you!”

If you are inclined toward investigating how Uranus might be talking to you right now, look at your chart. If you print up your birth chart with current transits, it’ll show you where Uranus was when you were born and where it is now.

Lady Gaga’s Uranus is in her 6th house – her job house – and look at what she’s doing.  She’s expressing herself in an absolute Uranus (unique) way and she is hugely successful as a result!

Interestingly, right now I am having a Uranus opposition.  I am 42, so I am halfway through my Uranus cycle.  That means that Uranus in the sky is directly across from where it was when I was born.  My own birth Uranus and the current one are playing.  They are shouting at me to drop my limitations.  My birth Uranus is in my 2nd house, which is about values, my values, and Uranus in the sky is in my 8th house, which is about sexuality and other people’s stuff.  [I think about it this way: you never have to deal with other people’s stuff more than when you are having sex with them!]  And don’t forget to look at your 11th house; that is the house ruled by Uranus.  My birth Mercury is in my 11th house, and Mercury is all about thoughts and communication.

In a nutshell, Uranus is telling me to Speak Up.  “Stop being afraid to speak your truth,” he is saying.  “Stop hiding your ideals.  Tell the world what your values are!  And, by the way, don’t misunderstand the boundaries between your stuff and other’s stuff.  Let other’s have their stuff – just don’t take it on.”

The good thing is that Saturn, in my birth chart, is not that restrictive.  He is in Aries and in my 9th house, so he’s a pretty easy parent.  He has actually given me lots of freedom.  In fact, my Saturn Return was a pretty good time in my life. I was already more responsible than my age warranted, and so Saturn actually freed me up some at that time.  That’s when I stopped working in an office full time.  I got his approval and he said to me, “Son.  You’ve been such a hard worker these first 30 years, I’m going to let you venture out on your own.  It is time for you to learn what’s it’s like to be your own boss.”

But how about you?  Where are you between Saturn and Uranus?  Are you taking too much responsibility, or not enough?  Are you expressing yourself freely, or have you been stifled, shut down or repressed?  Is someone else’s morality causing you to feel guilty every time you have a little fun?

So right now, there is a war out there, up there in the heavens.  How it affects you depends on a whole host of things.  But you don’t need a chart to tell you.  Just pay attention.  Have you been pissed off once or twice in the past 2 weeks or 2 months?  Are you avoiding responsibility in one area in your life, or repressing a specific expression?  Are you controlling someone, or being controlled by them?  Are you applying your moral standards on someone else, or vise versa?

The whole gay marriage issue is coming to a head now because that is exactly an example of Uranus versus Saturn.

This archetypal conflict between freedom of expression and moral responsibility is playing itself out in just about everyone’s life in its own unique way.  And thanks to Pluto, Jupiter and even Venus and Mars, it is a hot topic.  Emotions are flying.  Fence sitting and keeping quiet are of the past.

Maybe it’s time to be responsible in a way you haven’t been, but maybe it’s time to 84 that obstacle, that short leash, that prison camp, those hand cuffs or muzzle.  You know where you are and where you want to be, and right now, the universe is showing you what’s in between and what you need to deal with to go further.  Jupiter and Pluto are just making it fun and interesting – at least for them.

The whole solar system is conspiring to help you get to where you want to be, but you have to deal with this before you can have that.  Are you dealing? Are you enjoying the ride?


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