Eighty-four it!

Do you remember back a number of years, when the restaurant term “Eighty-six” became popular in American vernacular?  People would go around saying things like, “It was a problem, until I 86’d it.” Well, right now, in the summer of 2010, we need to coin a new phrase: “Eighty-four it!” One of the great things… Continue reading Eighty-four it!

Astrology, Tarot & Numerology

Being Centered

What does it mean to be centered? Last week’s blog featured a Tarot reading centered around the card Temperance. In that reading, spirit first reminded me of the numerology of this card (14/5) and then had me arrange the five this way: 1 --------- 1 |           | |     1     | |           | 1… Continue reading Being Centered

Tarot & Numerology

Two Steps to Enlightenment?

Yesterday, after dinner with my Austin family, we sat down and started pulling cards.  This has become a bit of a routine for us.  We started with the Osho Zen Tarot, and if you’ve ever used them, you’ll probably relate to what I’m about to say. These cards are so intense, anything more than a… Continue reading Two Steps to Enlightenment?