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The Hidden Benefit of “Negative” Manifestation

If you’ve read either of my books or select blog posts, you know about a concept called The Perfection of the Universe. In a nutshell, The Perfection of the Universe states that everything that shows up is perfect, which also means that everything that shows up is beneficial…in some way.

That’s a huge mouthful to swallow. With the seemingly insurmountable and ever growing challenge that’s out there, it is hard to believe that any of it is beneficial, let alone all of it!

Since every mountain is scaled one step at a time, let’s look at something small…a single example perhaps.

If I may say, the most archetypal “negative” manifestation is illness. That’s why we call it disease (dis-ease). In fact, I’m pretty sure that disease is nothing more than dis-ease that’s been allowed to go on for too long. In other words, feeling bad (emotionally) for long enough time can eventually result in a physical ailment.

But the cause is not what I want to talk about. Whatever the cause may be, feeling bad (ailing) feels oh so bad (emotionally). How often have you been significantly sick or in pain and found yourself saying, “All I want is to feel better.” You probably didn’t say it; you probably shouted it.

Truthfully, you probably said this first: “All I want is this (fever/pain/cancer/rash/etc.) to go away.” If/when it gets bad enough, you then start to say: “All I want is to feel better.”

In 2012/2013, I had an intermittent toothache. Before that, I had TMJ pain. Before that, I was stressed out…fearful…full of dread. In 2011, my angst and pain was all emotional (not yet physical). Looking back on the journey, I can easily see the escalation.

In 2014, I began backing away from all of the struggle. I stopped trying to make things (life circumstances) happen and began focusing on feeling better (emotionally). Physical pain still shows up in my body in various places and ways, but by addressing my emotional state first, I often find relief. I think part of the source of stress was trying too hard.

These days, I’m starting to feel better than I have in years! I think it was September of 2015 when I stumbled upon a thought…a goal…something to focus on. I was sitting to meditate and I said to myself and the Universe: “I simply want to feel good.” I wasn’t trying to create a relationship, a new career, a physical object, or an (outside) experience. I just wanted to feel good…emotionally.

To my surprise, it wasn’t hard. Within days, I achieved excitement. I danced around my apartment feeling excited for no reason, then feeling excited because I was feeling excited. Not long after that, things started happening—shifting in an obvious way.

The most basic experience of wellbeing is feeling good. It takes nothing (no reason) to feel good…and yet, at times, feeling good seems the single most difficult thing to do. However, feeling good (emotionally) is  easier than you think. It requires no action. It is simply a state of being that can be experienced anywhere any time. Hell, even putting together my breakfast takes more time and effort.

In the beginning, it takes focus, but make a habit out of feeling good and it will flow in all by itself.

The hidden benefit of negative manifestation is to bring us out of whatever chaos and stress we’ve been focusing on and into a more basic positive aspect. The worse the manifestation, the more basic we’re encouraged to pursue.

Negative manifestation does not happen overnight. It feels that way, but if you study your own history, you will notice that you stopped feeling good a while before things hit the fan. You can see that your stress and anxiety grew long before the negative manifestation showed up.

When you reach a threshold, you exclaim: “All I want is to feel better,” which is a more basic version of: “All I want is to feel good.”

“Better” is easy. It is simply an incremental notch above where you are. “Good” may take a few steps. “Great” may take some more. If you focus, however, you just might find “ecstatic” in no time at all…especially if you’re not looking for a reason to feel that way.

Abraham often says something like this: if it’s hard to feel good about something specific, go more general. There is nothing more general than wanting to feel good or wanting to feel better. Don’t look for a reason to feel good or better, just reach for it. Ask for it and look for it.

Meditation is challenging for someone like me who thinks so much. But since I feel a lot too, I do that instead. I sit and feel. I focus on what I feel in my body and what I feel emotionally. If I feel discomfort in my body, I focus on feeling ease…breathing easier, getting more comfortable, gently moving my head and relaxing tension. And then I reach for excitement.

Sometimes I put on inspirational music and feel through it into excitement. In other words, I’m harvesting excitement. The more excitement I feel, the more the Universe will give me a reason to feel excited. It’s the way it works with all emotions.

For some reason, excitement is the emotion I’ve been reaching for and finding. You can do the same with any emotion. If you want ease, harvest ease. If you want love, harvest love. If you want freedom, harvest a feeling of freedom. If you want to feel strong, harvest empowerment.

Consider the things you desire and figure out what feelings you’re hoping to achieve through them. Then harvest those feelings: plant the seeds, add some nourishment, and give them some TLC and attention.

Every so-called negative manifestation is simply telling you to reach for a more general feeling of wellbeing now. Once you get back to a more general sense of wellbeing, then reach for the more specific desired manifestations. Play with it and see how it works.


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