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A Question about Asking

In response to the tail end of my previous blog post, a client asked me the following questions.

What do you mean by ask the universe first? I often hear that but what does it really mean in terms of action? Do I speak to myself? Or what?

This is an excellent question and worth describing in more detail.

I prefer and often use the term ‘Universe’. For many, this simply means ‘God’. I also like to think of one’s ‘Higher Self’, which is not the soul, but is that piece of God that is specifically yours, is ever-present, and continually guiding you in subtle and significant ways. I’ve also heard others talk about ‘The Universe of your thoughts’, which I also like.

Asking the Universe can mean ‘praying’ but it can also simply mean being clear within yourself (clear within your thinking).

Asking the Universe first, is an action in and of itself. It is the action of focus…which leads to intent. I define intent as ‘focused attention’ anyway.

The first action one can take is the deliberate, focused, asking. One can do this aloud, in writing, or just in one’s own mind. I journal on a semi-regular daily basis, so that is my preferred way to get clear in my thinking.

After that, the next action is to pay attention (as time marches forward).

I have a strong belief, backed by much experiential evidence, that when one asks with deliberate focus, the Universe responds. It might not be instantaneous. It is infrequently instantaneous, but IT CAN BE! I have experienced this myself, receiving what I asked for within seconds (in the case of information and understanding) or within an hour (as someone who showed up as an answer to what I was asking for).

Pay attention to all sorts of things: information you happen upon, subtle inclinations to step outside of your normal routine, and, of course, inspiration to take more obvious action.

In my opinion, inspired action is extremely powerful, partly BECAUSE the inspiration is a direct result of past focused asking or perhaps a longer history of asking.

I wonder how can I apply it to my current situation. I want to have a more constructive conversation rather than arguments.

Focus on that. Be clear and intent that THIS is what you most want. Let this be your dominant desire.

Sometimes, we really do want to have a row with someone. Our frustration has grown and we have fantasized calling someone out in some way.

In this day and age, there is a lot of bickering back and forth: two sides arguing their position, but getting nowhere. Since neither side convinces the other, both are left feeling increased frustration, rather than relief.

A desire for constructive conversation must become the dominant desire. If we truly want that, we must lessen our desire to fight and replace it with something more productive. And a way to do this is to ask the Universe first, and then let it go as best we can, which may require channeling the amped up energy in other ways.

Imagination is highly creative, so as you fantasize about future experience, be as deliberate as possible. Don’t just passively follow your default train of thought. Catch it when you can and direct it.

And lastly: be easy with yourself and your thoughts. Try not to take it more seriously than is necessary. Find the humor in it whenever you can!

We are now in the season of Taurus, a time when all of the energy expressed during Aries settles down into the soil to become something more.


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