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Mercury and Jupiter

Early on May 10th, Mercury stationed Retrograde in Gemini, one of the two signs it rules. Later that day, Jupiter made its first ingress into Aries

Mercury and Jupiter have an interesting connection. Each rules the opposite sign of the other and in both cases: Mercury ruling Gemini while Jupiter rules Sagittarius; Mercury ruling Virgo while Jupiter rules Pisces.

When Mercury stations and then begins moving backward, we can find ourselves rethinking previous plans. Based on these new thoughts, we might change our minds.

At other times, the Universe can force our hands. Perhaps the other party cancels the contract. Perhaps something breaks down and forces a replacement. [I do wonder if breakdowns happen more during Mercury Retrograde, or is simply blamed during that time period. I personally don’t ever recall experiencing something breaking down during the small planet’s retrograde times.]

Jupiter is an expanding agent. Aries, ruled by Mars, is all about taking action. Aries, more often than not, must take action for their own mental heath. If they don’t channel that energy into action, they’ll probably feel it emotionally, which they won’t enjoy.

Mercury causing one to pause and rethink while Jupiter urges one to take action sounds rough and confusing. However, I can see one general way in which these two dynamics align…and that is because I am seeing this all around me.

If not for Jupiter’s ingress, the stopping to rethink things through might not have been that big of a deal. However, with Jupiter pushing us to act, what I am seeing is people taking action quickly, but in a new and different direction than just days before.

For example, in three cases I can think of, a project was moving forward…rather quickly…and somewhat smoothly. Within three days, all three projects have either been canceled or paused.

Now, in my opinion, I feel pretty strongly that all three of those projects can work out just fine for the people involved (generally speaking). Yes, the situation will be different. But I suspect it will be better.

Regardless, I do want to reiterate something I’ve said before. Retrograde periods are useful…and helpful. Yes, it can feel annoying in the moment when plans change or delay…or even get canceled. But in the end, this period guides us to greater clarity.

Clarity can get lost when things move quickly and smoothly. We get caught up in the momentum of the motion, and forget to keep tabs on what we truly desire. When things stop going quickly and smoothly, and we are given time to pause and rethink, we come to realizations.

Maybe we come to realize that, while success feels good, the particular situation we nearly obtained was not as much a match to what we truly desired.

Perhaps it is something very differently. Maybe the intended goal is the same. And maybe we are truly disappointed that it is not happening or not happening right now (an experience of clarity in and of itself). Perhaps the piece that was missing was our own readiness.

One can always force things into place. We can use strong will and physical energy to make things go the way we want them. The Universe will let us get away with this for a while. Eventually, the Universe will require us to align with our desire.

I have shared this example before…one which I have myself experienced.

Say for example, we desire something lavish and expensive. We could never afford such an item in our past and now we are on the cusp. Perhaps we can legitimately afford the item, but are hesitant because it is more money than we’ve ever spent on that kind of thing.

One has to be in alignment to receive. This is true in all cases. So what happens if we spend the money, but weren’t quite ready within our own vibration? Well, a number of things can happen.

The situation will, in my opinion, take care of itself. Things will come up that will challenge our lagging vibration. If the pace is too fast, our actions will get ahead of our vibration, and then we’ll panic. We can lose our balance, and crash against a wall.

When your vibration is in line with your action, you can ride out the challenges. You essentially rise up to the challenges. But if your vibration is lagging or better stated: if your actions have put you ahead of yourself, then the challenges will feel much larger than they are.

Let it all work out. Pausing and slowing yourself down is almost always beneficial.

Look at how you are feeling and why. Were you pushing and rushing because you were afraid a window of opportunity was getting ready to close?

Measure your trust. Do you trust the partners within these projects? Do you trust the objects? Do you trust the process? Do you trust the Universe? Trust is a great measure of vibration.

I like to say this: trust is like sex and oxygen. When you have enough of these, you don’t notice them. But when one is lacking, it sure is a big deal.

The things that are seemingly happening in the world are intense and scary. This time is unlike anything I have experienced before. But what gives me solace, comfort, and confidence is knowing that the laws of manifestation are not changing. I have been paying attention for a long, long time. I see them working in my life and the lives of people around me.

Find what feels good and what feels right. Find the right pace to get into the right space and thus be in the right place at the right time.

Pause your dream if that is what you’re being asked to do. But don’t throw it out. Reevaluate the dream: your desires, your intentions, your actions, and the direction you are moving. If something doesn’t feel right, then something isn’t right. Take the time to figure out what that is.

You have all the time in the Universe, but there is no reason to wait. Pausing, reevaluating, slowing down, and taking time to feel it out are not the same as waiting. All of those states are active. Waiting is passive (the opposite of action).

Mercury Retrograde lasts until June 3rd. So you have time to think it all through. Jupiter will plow ahead in Aries until July 28th, when it stations retrograde. Taking action doesn’t have to look productive to be productive. Any effort spent on raising your vibration is taking action, and is highly beneficial in my book.

And for the record, breaking from one’s journeying to smell the roses is STILL taking action…and productively so.


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