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We’ve all heard the adage about constructing that says: “Build from the ground up.” This is, however, a bit out dated. To build a skyscraper, we first dig. Skyscrapers don’t sit on the surface; their foundations extend many floors below.

Apparently, I am doing the same thing.

In March, I wrote about Ease, and then in April, I spoke about it: Podcast: Ease. Two posts ago, in Peace, I wrote about a message I received in a dream: Make peace with where you are.

When ease is your foundation, it’s easy to fall back on it. You might struggle for a bit, but when you catch yourself and refocus, you easily find ease.

If ease is a little shaky, set it upon peace. Make peace with where you are and then focus on ease. First find peace…then notice ease. Peace creates ease after all.

But what creates peace?

Although I didn’t emphasize it, the answer to this came through last time. Below peace is acceptance.

Making peace with where you are requires acceptance of the current here and now. You don’t have to want it; you don’t have to love it; you merely need to accept it in order to make peace with it.

Acceptance, however, is not just about making peace. This morning, that struck me profoundly:

Acceptance is about receiving!

When you are given a gift, you are free to accept it or refuse it. You can literally accept it into your arms, or you can cross your arms and say no. That goes for everything: gift or not. You can accept job offers, or refuse them. You can accept invitations, or refuse them. You are always free to say, “Thank you,” or respond with, “No, thank you.”

As you make peace with where you are, you begin to accept more of what is. Acceptance is key.

Buy why must we practice acceptance?

Because when we ask, it is given. And when we fail to receive what we ask for experientially, it is simply because we are not accepting! The more we can accept what is, the more we open up to receive. Our language illustrates this beautifully. Acceptance equals receptivity.

Abraham even says this; “Alignment puts you into the receptive mode.” This means that acceptance equals alignment, since both are about receptivity.

The greatest way to accept what is, which is also the most fun, is to accept (to notice and embrace) the gifts of the present. Yes, there may be circumstances at present, which we dislike, which cause us pain, which we desire to change vehemently, but sitting right next to those challenges, are gifts.

  • Accept what is.
  • Make peace with where you are.
  • Know what you want (that you don’t yet have).
  • And then focus on everything you love, whether you have it or not.

Felizio, in Journey to the Temple of Ra, taught us that the most important part of finding love, is opening up to receive it before it comes. That goes for everything!


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