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Hold My Beer

Mark Twain once said: “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” Having lived there for ten years, I know where he’s coming from.

And now I live in Austin, Texas, where one might say: “The most pleasant summer I’ve ever spent was a winter in Austin, Texas.” elarroyo-holdmybeerYesterday, the high was 85o and the low was 53o. Tuesday, the high was 86o and the low was 56o. That’s about as good as it gets in my book. Well, this morning, I saw this on Facebook:

El Arroyo is a Tex-Mex Restaurant in Austin, which has a reputation of clever signage.

After seeing that, I thought of this next one. A good friend of mine told me about it earlier this week:

tombrady-holdmybeerWhether you like or hate Tom Brady and the Patriots, you gotta admit their victory was quite a feat considering their 25 point deficit in the 3rd quarter.

Hold My Beer is a fabulous meme for so many reasons.

First, it exudes the kind of confidence we all long for. You can tell the difference between true confidence, which is a tad understated, and the boastful arrogance, which has undertones of doubt.

Next, there is ease and playfulness to it. The thought of drinking beer while performing unheard of feats amuses the onlooker.

The last reason I’ll mention is more subtle…and more significant (manifestationally speaking). I love how this simple meme suggests a powerful technique for success, which is along the lines of the idea: Act as if. Appreciation is powerful, but anticipation is even more so. When you celebrate your success before having accomplish it, it is assured!

And now, I just had to add this one. I took another popular meme of late and added my own twist:

madamjustice-hold-my-beerWhether you support Trump’s executive orders or despise them, you should still be able to appreciate what this cartoon conveys. Our three-branch form of government is an elegant design, even if the execution of it lacks all sorts of things.

This cartoon further appeals to me for a different reason. The day before I saw the original version of this floating around on Facebook, I wrote Astrology Update: February 2017 and spoke about how Jupiter was about to station retrograde in Libra, the sign of justice and law. This time around, Jupiter played the role of Madam Justice.

And speaking of Madam Justice… Did you know that she is a character in my first book: Journey to the Temple of Ra? She makes her appearance in the chapter called XI – Justice, which is in Part III – Earth – North. [If you read A Fool’s Journey, the earlier version of this story, you did not meet Madam Justice. This entire section of the book was rewritten for Journey to the Temple of Ra.]

Madam Justice is an archetype that best matches the Law of Attraction. As Abraham says, “You get what you think about whether you like it or not.”

Abraham also says, “There’s nothing serious going on here,” regarding life on Planet Earth. It can feel that way if you get sucked into politics and the news. Thankfully, there are a lot of spirited people out there who can get us to laugh at the display—the drama and the trauma of it all. More than not, I am one who has been far too serious about life. Thus, I have grown to appreciate those that entertain and distract us from too much seriousness.

More good news:

My first box of books have arrived! It mostly contained the new print edition of Scribe to the Pantheon of Rome, a book I wrote, illustrated, designed, and published. It also contained one copy of the new edition of Journey to the Temple of Ra, which I am VERY happy with

If you wish to purchase any of my books, start here: Book Orders.

Whether you’re watching an abundance of snow (New England), or enjoying a brisk day like we have here, do take a moment to enjoy the beauty that is out there!


1 thought on “Hold My Beer”

  1. I like your metaphor with Brady and Trump. It extends even further if one considers that Brady may have deflated the ball, and Trump is draining the swamp (Washington special interests). I think it is wonderful that special interest
    legislators and lawyers can no longer be the middlemen to “buy votes” from potential customers, i.e. their incomes just hit the toilet. Essentially having to run that ruinous to the public process through congress to gain influence will drop sharply, plus all the dinners and beers and vacations. Now you have the CEO’s marching through the oval office directly with their shopping lists/wish lists in hand (no guarantees of course!), no needed money in briefcases to get the ear of the only branch of this government that needs to be lobbied to, the Executive Branch!!! Hooray for populism….the people have won here no matter what your point of view is….. it IS a beautiful design as you say.


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