Astrology Update: February 2017

Today is Super Bowl Sunday. From where I’m sitting, it seems the NFL championship has been taking a back seat to other battles of late.

In my post called Happy 2017!, I mentioned a few bits of information I would like to revisit. At that time, Mercury was still retrograde.

In the fourth paragraph, I spoke of Mercury and the moon. I then wrote: “By this view, 2017 will start with some introspection and review…of all of 2016, but most especially this past month.”

In the next paragraph, I wrote: “Saturn squared Chiron last evening just a bit later. This highlighted unhealed wounds that need some TLC.”

In the sixth paragraph, I mentioned this: “On January 8th, when Mercury stations direct, we’ll have all planets moving forward simultaneously. How’s that for an indication of forward progress?”

Well, as of just past midnight tonight, that period of all-planets-moving-forward comes to an end. At 12:53 am CST, Jupiter stations retrograde at 23o Libra.

For the record, recall that Mercury went retrograde nearly conjunct Pluto at 15o Capricorn on 12/19/2016. Pluto rules transformation and Capricorn rules government. Pluto is also said to be the higher octave of Mars, the God of War.

Libra, by the way, rules law and justice.

Astrology is what it is. In my opinion, it always speaks truth. It is, however, subject to interpretation. When looking forward, I always imagine the best of what could be. It rarely works out that way. And yet, when I look back, the Astrology always matches, even if my interpretations were off.

From my perspective, 2017 definitely began with the licking of wounds (or salting thereof) and a lot of looking back. I’ve heard a number of people exclaim, “How did this happen?”

President Trump is indeed intent on transforming (Pluto) government (Capricorn). Pluto may be a small (no longer called) planet, but it packs a lot of power. An executive order feels quite Plutonian if you ask me. Mr. Trump, knowingly or unknowingly, rode the Astrology of his first weeks as president. With all planets moving forward, he took full advantage. Only now, with Jupiter stationing retrograde in the sign of law, are (some of) his executive orders being pulled back.

Interestingly, the next 30 days also includes our first eclipse season of 2017. We have a lunar eclipse on February 10th at 22o Aquarius-Leo and then a solar eclipse on February 26th at 8o Pisces.

Donald Trump’s Ascendant is located in the final arc-minutes of Leo. This means his descendant lies precisely between the solar position of the two eclipses. Each eclipse occurs 8 degrees off in one direction or the other. Furthermore, the nodes of the Moon will transit his horizon in early May. I do think Trump’s actions are in line with his vision, whether you agree with it or not.

I, too, have Leo on my ascendant. In fact, the sun transits my descendant tomorrow. I, for one, notice experientially when a planet approached my horizon. Time and all apparent progress seems to stop for a day or two. Given the president’s momentum, I am not sure he’ll experience anything similar, but who knows.

About one week after Jupiter stations in Libra, Venus, the ruler of Libra, will station retrograde (on 3/4/2017) in the opposite sign (@ 13o Aries). At that time, they will be 9o off of an exact opposition, which is probably within orb for these two. Interestingly, nearly halfway between 13o Aries and 22o Libra is 18o Capricorn, which is where Pluto sits and near where Mercury stationed retrograde back in December.


I suspect Venus and Jupiter will slow down Donald Trump’s forward momentum. That is what checks and balances are about, yes?

If nothing else, Astrology always provides food for thought.

In a vibrational universe, transformation is not a linear process; there is always an oscillation, a back and forth. I make no predictions for the coming month other than that it will be interesting to watch. Hopefully today’s football game will be the same. Regardless, I hope you enjoy your day, whatever you do!


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