Transforming Love

Sometimes, the prescient tidbits that come through my fingers turn out to be way more accurate and way more personal than I would have ever guessed. More on that in a bit…

Yesterday, Venus caught up to Pluto in the sky. This is, in fact, her last conjunction before she changes direction and works her way back toward the sun. Enjoy her bright shining light in the evenings ahead because by mid-January, she will do her bidding in the early morning for a while.

As I like to do, I am going to bring to your attention a chain of events that are forthcoming. And as usual, I am only focusing on certain players.

  • On 11/2/13, we had a solar eclipse at 11 Scorpio 16, which was sextile Pluto at 9 Capricorn 29.
  • Yesterday, on 11/15/13, Venus joined Pluto at 9 Capricorn 46, sextile to Chiron in Pisces and the North Node in Scorpio, and square to Uranus in Aries.
  • On the day of the Winter Solstice, 12/21/13, the sun will enter Capricorn just before Venus stations retrograde at 28 Capricorn 59. This is an interesting synchronicity!
  • On 1/1/14, the sun will join Pluto at 11 Capricorn 17 and thus also square Uranus. Mars, at 12 Libra joins the New Year’s party forming a T-Square with the others. And Jupiter, the party animal, expands this into a loose Grand Cross, which gets much, much stronger in April.
  • Ten days later on 1/10/14, a day that has the same numerology as 1/1/14, Venus will conjunct the sun as she transitions into being a morning star.
  • Then, finally, on the last day of January, Venus will station direct at 13 Capricorn 34. At that time, she will be quite close to Pluto, at 12 Capricorn 18 by then. And Jupiter, at 12 Cancer 14, will be directly opposite them.

Venus and Pluto working together is quite intriguing. Their glyphs are nearly the same, but the similarities end there. Venus is decidedly soft, feminine, light, fast, pleasant, and easy. Pluto is decidedly hard, male, dark, slow, painful, and challenging.

Venus, in my opinion, is not about Universal love, but is about personal love and specifically the individual’s expression of love. So Venus and Pluto together could be about the transformation of love—in other words, transforming the way we (individually) love others (and treat others).

In my list above, I started with the solar eclipse, though Venus was not involved. I started there because the eclipse was in Scorpio, which Pluto rules, and was connected to Pluto via sextile.

Getting back to my initial statement, I had predicted that this recent Scorpio time was going to be profound and challenging. I saw the pain, but I also saw the purpose. Well, the pain came, assuredly, but now the gain is seeping in as well.

When a man goes through a dark night of the soul, a quintessential Plutonian experience, he is left in such a vastly different place, he can’t avoid deep contemplation. It is like falling into a well. It is dark. It is cold. He grows profoundly hungry, and then numb. He fears the end of his life, and panics. Then, when he doesn’t die, he wonders if he is doomed to the cold darkness for an eternity where death does not save him. This can cause him to panic once more, and then sink into hopelessness.

And then insight comes.

For me, personally, I am now understanding my life purpose in a deeper way—not just what I am here to work on for my own growth, but what my work with others is about. There are no guarantees that I’ll be strong enough to accomplish these tasks, but I do…now…understand them a bit better.

In a recent conversation, a friend of mine was promoting a particular healing modality. “It works on the subconscious,” she said. Her implication was that my work with the conscious mind wasn’t enough. Of course, there was a subtle underlying implication that I was solely working with the conscious mind to begin with.

To be honest, I wasn’t happy with the conversation. Rather than hearing it as supportive, I was hearing it as judging. I was hearing it as, “You are not doing enough,” and, “You are not doing it right,” and I emotionally reacted.

However, my emotional reaction was fiery rather than watery. The past six weeks contained a lot of watery emotional pain and challenge. The growing fire was a welcome change.

In the end, the conversation was profoundly inspiring. It pushed and prodded me just enough to help me see another piece in the puzzle. I now get that:

1)    I am NOT here to heal (myself or others) in a purely subconscious way. That is why I cannot simply be an energy worker. It would literally drive me crazy to spend all day immersed in healing energy with a blank mind. Some people love that, but it wouldn’t (and doesn’t) work for me.

2)    I AM here to bring the unconscious INTO the conscious. I am here to learn…and to teach—to uncover and reveal. I am here to expand awareness and as lovingly as possible.

Consider this. There was a time, not that long ago, when people thought it was good to hit children as a way to teach them. We now understand that teaching children with physical pain is not the best way.

There was a time when, though we knew bullying occurred, we didn’t know to what extent, and to what magnitude. However, after enough of these children took their own lives, we are beginning to understand.

There was a time when racism and homophobia were encouraged (by religious people no less). Then there was a time when it was tolerated. (Both of these times still exist.) But soon, this too will be seen in greater light and moved away from.

Physical abuses are (now) obvious. Verbal abuses are becoming more so. But what about emotional and energetic abuses—the ones that are very subtle? Sometimes it is not what’s said, but the energy conveyed within it.

The more subtle the sword, the longer it takes to pierce and maim…and the longer it takes to uncover, reveal, understand, and heal.

The western medical approach is to medicate our ails. Through this use of Neptune, we desensitize. We grow blissfully ignorant of the harmful rays. But healing doesn’t work this way if the harmful rays are real (even if they are subtle).

A person who is born with the inability to feel pain, destroys his body unknowingly.

In my work, I have grown so sensitive, that I can now perceive very subtle daggers thrown between people…even if they are not thrown at me. I experience these daggers as pain. I don’t think it is a strictly empathic experience either.

For a while, I was starting to believe that I was falling apart…that I was growing so weak as to not be able to tolerate the harsh reality that exists. My tendency was to retreat, but the walls protecting me from it are growing so close as to nearly suffocate me.

I now understand what I have done. By asking to see, I have been shown. But now what?

This is where Venus comes into play. Mercury wants to understand, but then comes Venus. First, I was feeling and sensing…unconsciously. Now I am beginning to see and understand. What’s coming is for me to express.

Pluto/Venus wants to transform our expression of love. I understand that just because I am perceiving subtle daggers doesn’t mean I ought to throw them in the other direction. Judging a situation is human nature. We want to beat up the bullies, scream at the verbal abusers, and kill the murders…but that is not the way of Venus. It is not the way of Chiron. It is not the way of Jesus.

Venus and Pluto have met. Venus will move forward, stop, turn back, and rejoin Pluto in just over two months. In late April, we’ll have a VERY tight Grand Cross. At that time, Venus will be conjunct Chiron in Pisces. I’m thinking that what we learn between now and the end of January will be very useful in late April…


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