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Who’s your Daddy?

[Pictured above is the Leo full moon, taken the evening of January 28, 2021.]

A month or two ago, I was deep into a conversation with a friend and client. When I get in the zone like this, I find myself conveying ideas that are new to me. It is a form of channeling.

In that conversation, I said something akin to this:

In a nutshell and Astrologically speaking, 2020 was all about the triple conjunction between Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn. In a sense, this forces all of us to deal with our Daddy Issues.

That sentiment has sat with me ever since…and I have shared it with a few others.

To understand one’s Daddy Issues begs the question: Who’s your Daddy?

I truly mean no disrespect to dads or moms or parents in general. Daddy Issues don’t necessarily have anything to do with your actual father. That’s why I ask: Who’s your Daddy?

The archetype of dad or daddy, in my view of Astrology, primarily sits in the 10th house, which encompasses things like: government, authority, career, vocation, bosses, being a boss, and either your father or your dominant parent, which in my case was my mother.

Daddy can be something more subtle. Today, it occurs to me that, at its most basic, your daddy is anyone and everything outside of you that you perceive as more powerful than yourself. In other words, all forms of authority, which includes religion, doctors, medicine, cures, worshiped celebrities, the news, laws, regulations, and mandates that “protect” you, and the experts: including books, scripture, and internet concepts like wikipedia and “fact checkers.”

In all of these cases listed, when we accept their view of truth over our own, we make them our Daddy! Maybe we don’t know what our truth is…so we seek out these external masters to tell us. We still need to discern what is true for us.

For some, ‘dad’ has often been good to us. We seek him out because he protects us and make us feel safe. When we can’t solve a problem, either dad will, or he’ll show us how. And sometimes he’ll just put our mind at ease.

For others of us, we don’t see authority as a very good dad.

Many (half?) of us are rebelling against daddy, but we might be inadvertently seeking a different daddy to save us from him. Maybe we deny daddy president but seek daddy congress. Maybe we don’t buy what TV personality doctor is selling, but we are waiting for some other ‘expert’ to give us the go ahead. Maybe we praise “our governor/state” and condemn “your governor/state” claiming one is great and the other wrong. Some of us may be trying to run away from big bad abusive daddy virus and clinging to the hope that daddy vaccine will save us, while others of us clearly believe that the real enemy is the latter. [I personally will absolutely not be getting the vaccine.]

In a prior post [Pluto and Personal Power], I conveyed the idea that Pluto can be all about stepping into one’s personal power—sitting upon your Emperor’s throne.

Personal power has only one source: Source (God) inside of you. It can appear as gifts given from the outside, but for it to fall within what I call personal power, it was called forth, so it still originated from the inside. The difference is in how it feels. Does it feel like it was handed down to you, or does it feel like it acknowledged your divinity, your good, your worth? Did you feel you deserved the gift? If you did, then your personal power called it forth. If you felt unworthy of it, then it likely still came from your personal power, you are just not quite stepping into it just yet, but you are getting close!

Now I want to focus on one word listed above, because it was the inspiration for this post: cure. What is a cure?

If I have a headache, and I take ibuprofen, and my headache goes away, did ibuprofen cure my headache? Is it a cure? Is it THE cure? If I say it cured my headache, and you tell me that it didn’t, who is right?

If there are many ways to get rid of a headache, does it matter whether there exits one that is labeled “the cure”? And don’t headaches often go away on their own?

The next time I have a headache and take ibuprofen, and it doesn’t make my headache go away, should it be banned from use evermore? Should I report it as a failure, a fraud? Do I call Advil a liar because they called their product a pain-reliever? Do I ask for my money back? Do I write my congressperson? Or isn’t it widely known that no cure is 100%?

Regarding things larger than headaches, are you going to wait for the cure before you let go of the fear you’re hanging on to? If there are tons of effective treatments, what difference does it make?

Or, alternatively, are you waiting for some other daddy (your mayor, your governor, your president, your boss, your teacher, your TV) to tell you it is once again safe to go back outside and hug your loved ones?

There are some, who, to this day, do not hug. This ‘virus’ has been around for over a year now. Many haven’t been sick this whole time. Every time someone doesn’t hug a friend out of fear of getting sick, they deny themselves an opportunity, that looking back, would have been just fine.

The other day, I went out for a walk in the sunshine. It was in the low 70s and I walked on the hike and bike trail along the river, which I hadn’t done in a while. About 40% were masked and some, who had their mask down, pulled it up as I approached and then walked off of the trail to not come anywhere near me. That level of fear is itself a dis-ease / dis-order.

Regardless what you do or don’t do, you are still making a choice. It is your life.

We have been trained (programmed?) to believe only in chemical cures (denying the body’s innate ability to heal). I wonder who would choose to do that – to train or program us in that way? Maybe the ones who make billions of dollars selling you those chemicals?

If you set out to be a healer, the Universe will teach you some basics (again and again and as much as needed). Here are some examples:

  1. You do not heal anyone except yourself, but you can inspire and facilitate healing in others.
  2. You are the only one who heals you, but you can allow others to inspire and facilitate your healing.
  3. If you attempt to heal someone who is not asking for it, you will receive a blowback of some kind.
  4. If you do not receive and allow healing, nothing will induce healing for you…maybe for a brief time, but then you’ll simply re-create the same illness or a different one.

The Midheaven in the birth chart is the cusp between the 9th house and the 10th house. The 10th house is more directly about Daddy, but it is interesting that the other side of that cusp entails these concepts: philosophy, education, teachers, schools & universities, religions and religious texts (scriptures).

Every time you accept something outside of yourself as authority, you give that person, institution, or concept a piece of your power. It is not lost. It is right there in front of you. This is not inappropriate…it is simply a choice. And, at any later time that you choose, you can take back your power; you can make a choice, which you are always doing anyway.

Every time you choose (consciously or unconsciously), you demonstrate your power, even if you fail to recognize that you are doing so. You can claim that someone else made you do it, but through that, you simply give away a bit more of your power.

Jupiter and Saturn are done with Capricorn for a while, but we still have Pluto working his way through the last quarter of it.

When you challenge and attack my ideas, or the ideas of others, take note. Your attack is an attempt to take back your power, but your need to attack means you have given it away in the first place.

Seeking approval from any and all external sources is an attempt to take back your power, but only an attempt. The Universe might give you that approval, to help you accept more of your power. Alternatively, it might deny you that approval. The greater gift, in this case, could be a firm prod to approve of yourself regardless.

Love, approval, validation, affection, appreciation, acknowledgment all feel good when given to you by others. Yet, there is no comparison to what it can feel like when accepted from inside of yourself.

Remember, one archetypal role of dad is to push you out of the nest. He wants you to be self-sufficient, and will thus say no to you at some point.

And then there is God (Goddess, All-That-Is, Source, The Universe…). Many of us see ‘him’ as the ultimate ‘father’.

In my mind, your Higher Self, which is inside of you, is your very own piece of God. It is your personal power, the part that is ALWAYS with you. The part that IS you! There is no greater love for you than that. There is no greater power out there.


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