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Money Middleman

Yesterday, while I was out running, I remembered something said to me in a recent reading. Tammy was talking about what she saw in my future relating to my career and used these words:

I see money flying in through the window…

I then caught the relationship between her words and my Story about David and God. [Might help to read that first before continuing – if you haven’t already.]

Money flying in through the window is a significant visual as it hints to what David’s walls are made of.

A while back, I was having a discussion with spirit and they were reminding me that at one time, money didn’t exist. Imagine, if you will, what life would be like if money just disappeared. Better yet, let’s imagine a realm where money never existed in the first place. Everything else we desire is still there mind you. So how do we go about getting what we want?

There’s no more working for money, saving our pennies, and then buying what we want. There’s no more credit or debt. How does that change the thoughts we have around the things we desire? No longer can we say, “I can’t afford that right now.” No longer can we say, “I need a job cause I need money.”

But the universe is the universe and even if money did not exist, we would still get what we wanted in the same way (as far as it’s concerned). That’s because money is an illusion within an illusion and is not necessary for the outer illusion (life in a physical world) to exist.

So the walls in David’s inner room could simply be made of money thoughts. In his case, it might not be that he doesn’t have enough money, it might be that he doesn’t see value in what he does until money proves it. In other words, until his work starts making a lot of money, his work is not good (enough). However, I ask you, does an artist’s work suddenly get better just because they’ve been discovered? Do the very same paintings look better just because a bunch of people want them? Do songs sound better once they’re popular?

Actually, you might find yourself saying yes to those questions, and that’s fine. It’s all perspective. It’s all objective.

The point is this – look at your inner room and your outer room. The inner room is your life as you experience it right now. Your outer room is everything you desire beyond what you have now. The walls are the limiting beliefs that seem to separate the inner room and the outer room. And I am willing to bet that a number of bricks in those walls are labeled money.

Maybe you think that until you have money, you can’t have some of what’s in the outer room. So you spend your manifestational focus on money, rather than on what you want in the first place. That means that money is your wall, but also your door, since you think that money is what is needed to get to the other side. That also means that once you get money, you easily walk into the other room.

But if money is too hard to get, maybe it will be useful to look simply at what you want and forget about the money. After all, I personal know people who got cars without money. Who got iPods, iPhones, and computers without money. Who got vacations without money. Who got really nice dinners without money. Clothes! Music! Books! Appliances! The list goes on and one. I have personally witnessed all of this.

Money is not required. If you have money, everything could easily follow, but that’s because you believe it so. If you make money, then keep thinking that money will buy all (or most) of what you want, cause you’re in the flow. But if money is short or tight, then spend less time thinking about money (and the lack of it) and simply think about what you want (and why).

Then, maybe instead of money flying in through your window, it will simply be the stuff that you want – and with no middleman. After all, that’s all money is – a middleman. It is a pile of paper and metal (or electronic numbers) that somehow manages to get you what you want.

When the economy is slow, cut out the middleman. When things are not showing up as fast as you would like, cut out the middleman…


2 thoughts on “Money Middleman”

  1. I find time after time that we are getting the same intuition about the same subjects…kind of freaky…and I like it!!

    Last year I wrote a piece about getting rid of the Middle Man every where we can in our lives because it distorts authentic communication between 2 individuals and we as society have been giving away our power to some made up Middle Men called government, insurance, health care, etc, etc.

    About 2 months ago I started deeply contemplating debt and what does it mean, anyway? Should I be concerned about it or not? I found that my mind thought that I should be concerned about repaying my debts, but I lost all interest in focusing on it. Something deep inside was urging me not to worry about it. In the end, ALL debts are ultimately forgiven when they can’t be paid. We see that happening all over the place in bankruptcies and things.

    Then I realized that when we focus on Giving and Receiving, rather than Buying and Selling, debt ceases to exist as a concept. When something is Given to another, Nothing is owed back and no Debt is incurred. Score keeping becomes futile. Suddenly, life is simple and people’s emotions of distrust, envy, etc vanish.

    I cannot imagine what a world without money would look like, but I am beginning to get a sense of wonderful it could be!


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