Poetic Wisdom

A Story about David and God

We start this tale in the middle – and actually, there’s no other way. Because when Time and Space don’t really exist, there’s no beginning and no end anyway. And so, where we are is neither a time nor a place, but God is there and he’s thinking to himself and this is what it might sound like: Hmm, this metaphysical universe is all fine and good, but I want to try something new. What shall it be?

So God thought and he thought, and he formulated a plan. I’m going to create something new. I am going to create a physical universe, spawn children, place them in the world, and see what happens. Thusly, God created All-That-Is including his children the human beings, and he put them together and watched.

But nothing happened. In this version of All-That-Is, there was no sound and no light. The beings could think, and the matter just was, but neither knew about the other. Hmm. What is missing?

I know! Let there be light! Let there be sound!

“Children, shine your light and sing your tune and then those vibrations will bounce off of All-That-Is and you will see and hear! Everything you see will be reflections of your light and everything you hear will be echoes of your song and they will inspire you to create and create again.”

David, one of God’s children, was a curious human being. He quickly began flashing his light onto the world of matter. And what David first saw was a rock. Problem was, he was inside of the rock – or so he thought. So David turned on his light, and saw what looked like a wall. And he yelled to the wall, and the wall quickly echoed back his words because it was right in front of him. David did this in one direction and did this in the next, and every time saw wall and heard his echo.

And he became afraid.

“God help me! I’m stuck in a wall!”

God replied, “David, my son, you are not stuck in a wall. That is called a rock. You matched its vibration, and thus that is what you saw. Think again. Think of something else, and then shine your light. Thus you will see something new.”

And then God went on to explain to David how it works when you are human. Humans are a piece of God, and thus they are a piece of light. To see, they can flash that light and then see its reflection. Flash again in a different direction and get a new image. If they wanted to see a whole room, for example, they had to flash here, and flash there, and piece it all together.

David was curious, but he was also astute and thus he began again. He thought of something and then flashed his light. He looked left, and looked right, and looked straight ahead and then formed a complete idea of what he was seeing. And it was interesting. In fact, David was so intrigued with what he saw, that he kept thinking about it. But this meant that he kept seeing the same thing. And even though he wanted to see something different, it never changed because the images of what he had seen were stuck in his head.

“God! Help me! I am stuck again. I did as you said and created a room. But now, every time I open my eyes, I see only this room. I don’t like this room any more. How can I change it?”

“David, my boy, I taught you already, but I am happy to teach you again. Think first and then open your eyes.”

“But I have been doing that.”

“OK. Do it again and I will watch.” So David did as he was told and God observed him.


“Ah! Yes. I see what the problem is. You keep remembering the room you first created, and even though you have brief thoughts of new, you are entranced by the old. As a result, the old room hides the new one. The new one is there, but is beyond the walls of the old one. Stop looking at the old walls. Look only at the new ones.”

But David couldn’t do this. Even though he believed that what he wanted was just beyond his walls, he could not see beyond them.

“Keep trying, young man. You’ll get the hang of it. But here is a hint. Stop trying to make the old room go away. In doing so, you keep thinking about it. Think only of the new and then that is what you will see.”

So one day David was feeling confident and he intently focused on a new room. And while his eyes were still closed, he was inspired by an idea. Instead of trying to make the old room go away, I am going to imagine that there is now a window in the wall, and through that window I will be able to see what is beyond. I will thus see the new room that God says is there.

So David then opened his eyes and flashed his light, and lo and behold, there was now a beautiful window in the wall. At first, David was so excited, he saw only the window, but then he reminded himself to look past the window. And the next time he opened his eyes, he saw his new room. In it was everything he ever desired. God is right! Everything I want is right there beyond my walls, beyond my window. I can see it now!

But seeing it was not enough. He wanted to live it. He wanted to experience everything he desired. And in fact, he wanted it more badly than before because now he could see what it looked like.

However, David’s desire to see it did not make it so. Every time he opened his eyes, he saw first the old room, then the window, and finally all that he desired beyond it. Each time the image beyond the glass changed. It grew and became ever more beautiful, but always remained just beyond those simple walls he first saw that one stupid day. See, David now hated those walls, and thus labeled them stupid. The walls were everything David hated, and beyond them was everything David loved. This stucks (sic). I’m stuck.

David was frustrated, but was not dumb. He knew that what God said was right, and knew that all he needed to do was let go of what he hated so that it would go away. But how?

Meanwhile, God had been watching all along. He didn’t intervene unless asked, but then thought to tap David on the shoulder so that maybe he would ask some questions. And that worked. David felt the nudge and therefore realized that God was there with him in his little room. And so David talked to God once more.

“God. I understand everything you’ve taught me, but I’m not very good at it. Can you give me some advice?”

“Certainly, my son. Haven’t I given you everything you’ve asked for?”

“Yes you have! In fact, I can see it all outside of my window!”

“And what a clever creation a window is, my son. So nice that you thought of it. But, have you ever thought of creating a door?”

“Oh my, God! That is a brilliant idea! I’ll create a door and then I can walk out of this room and into the other and have access to all of my desires! Why had I never thought of that before?”

“Maybe because a door did not exist until it was first thought?”

Now some of you might think this story could end right here. David could think of a door and then open his eyes. He could see the door and walk through it and then never look back again.

Unfortunately, as possible as that was, that’s not what happened for David. He created a door but saw it as locked and then it took him months to unlock it. And then he still needed to open it and walk through it. And one day he did! He got the door open and spent a little time in his room of desires and it was extremely exciting. It was the happiest day of his life. But then he remembered what it was like being stuck inside of the dusty old room and woke up there once again.

So for a while, David would travel to and sometimes through his door to play with some of his stuff. And then he would fall back into the old room. Some days he thought too much of his walls, and too little of his desires, and on those days, he was too tired to make the journey into the new room. He would get sad and eventually stop trying. But this helped him restore his energy and renew his hope and then he would begin to journey anew.

You see David’s walls never went away. He could get past them, but never make them disappear. Every time he thought they might be gone, he looked for them and found them.

“David, stop looking for your walls. When you look for evidence that something is gone, you will find that it still is! That’s the rule remember. You will find evidence of everything you look for. So just stop looking for it, stop looking at it, and you will not see it. Nothing ever isn’t. Everything is. But you don’t have to live inside of everything that is. You can choose!”

And so our story started in the middle, and ends in the middle as well, because David still has his walls, but has everything he desires just beyond them. He can see every last experience that he desires every day. Some days his walls are in between, but so are his window and his door. Sometimes the door is wide open, but sometimes it looks closed and maybe locked. And so goes his life.

My child, don’t forget this piece of advice. Don’t look for evidence until you’ve given it enough thought. Think first, and then see. In fact, imagine, fantasize, feel, love, and then look.

Love is blind! When you love blindly, you see only what you love! Be blind to what you don’t love and you won’t see it. Spend less time looking, and more time blindly loving. Then when you do open you’re eyes, you’ll love what you see!

And this is the way it is for me. I Love you so blindly that I never see anything in you but what I love about you. You are perfect. You are beautiful. You are my creation and my child and I wouldn’t want you any other way. And change as you might, you cannot change into something I don’t love. You are me, so you’ll get the hang of it. This – out here – is just an illusion. Love is all there is.

So love blindly, and then look, and soon there’ll be nothing unlovable in your life.

And so it is.


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