Yesterday, a friend stopped by to help me out with something and asked if I was on a cleaning spree. She said this because my house was clearly all torn up. I was and am clearly on a spree, but the cleaning part is only a part of it.

What is inspiring all of the changes you ask?

The most personal answer is the death of my beloved Notte. Notte adopted me 12 ½ years ago in the middle of the night in June. I arrived home around 2:00 am that morning and a neighbor cat had chased him up the telephone pole in front of the house I was renting. I shooed the neighbor away and helped Notte down. He then followed me to the door, so I invited him in. After a quick loop through the place, he hopped on the bed and curled up as if it had been his home all along.

An interesting part of the story is that I had already decided to get a cat, I was just waiting to close escrow on my new house. Notte must have heard the call and took advantage. Thus began one of my most cherished relationships.

The day after Notte’s death, all I wanted to do was make certain things go away. My sofa was purchased for my San Diego house, so in a sense it was for Notte and me. With him gone, I didn’t want it any more. It never really worked in my Austin places anyway. Long story short, I found a chair I really liked, and upon purchasing it, the sofa had to go. Maybe I’ll get a new smaller one later, but for now, the spaciousness is preferred.

Now that is only one example of what’s moving a shaking around here. At first I thought it was just me, but now I see astrological correlation. Consider the chart below; it is for Saturday 11/17/2012. This chart most illustrates the spree I find myself in.

November 17, 2012

As many of you know, we had a Total Solar Eclipse on Tuesday 11/13/2012. (11/14/2012 in Australia where it was actually seen. Find amazing pictures of the eclipse here: Just today, I received a visualization for eclipses: It is like a bike ride where you have to cross a hill. As you ascend the front of the hill, you slow down from the exertion. You might even need to get off the bike and walk up the last and steepest part of the hill. That was last week. For me, instead of sweat pouring out of my brow, tears streamed out of my eyes.

In reaching the apex for the first time, one will likely stop to enjoy the view. Here, you can see both sides: all that you have traveled and the valley that lies ahead. With me, I have found myself looking at old pictures of Notte remembering the good old days, at least until it got to be too much. And then, in looking forward, I wanted to ride into the new as fast as I could – and thus went the sofa. In fact, it happened so fast, I could hardly believe it.

The Total Solar Eclipse marks the apex of the hill. The moment of darkness (Totality) represents the pause. With the sun’s light blocked, our feelings and emotions (the moon) take prominence. What is felt inside (feelings) are actively expressed (as emotions) because our pride and ego (the sun) is weakened and can therefore not support the hiding or masking (eclipse) of how we feel.

Think of it this way: during a new moon, the moon is invisible. For one, the reflected side of the moon is away from us, and two, it is so near the sun that it is completely washed out. However, during a Total Solar Eclipse, the moon reveals herself. She has no choice but to show as darkness – a most poignant contrast to the daylight in which she appears.

So, those moments around Notte’s death did that for me. My fear and loss could not be held back and were abundantly emoted.

Now we’re on the downhill side. As with real life, the down slope can have many configurations. Some slopes are steep, others gradual. Some hillsides go straight down to the valley, while others undulate up and down smaller peaks along the way. The other aspects of the chart show us what’s ahead.

Saturday (US time) will mark four days since the eclipse, however notice that Mercury and the sun will meet almost exactly atop the North Node of the moon! Also notice that Mars will have moved into Capricorn and thus energetically match Pluto, which it will exactly conjunct on 11/27/2012.

The New Moon establishes a little gravity pulling us forward. Every month, once the moon completes her cycle, we are set on a spree into the new. For whatever reason, I have always been able to feel the surge of energy of a New Moon more than the intensity of a Full Moon.

When I think of Pluto and Mars interacting, I see them as a general and his soldier. In fact, last week on Election Day, I wrote an article with that title, but never ended up publishing it. (I also find it interesting that suddenly, a specific general is a hot topic in the news right now.)

The point is, when a general and a soldier align, things get done and fast. The energy of a Pluto-Mars conjunction is formidable and aggressive. And being that this will be in an earth sign (Capricorn), the changes will be physical. As I wrote last time, endings are fast and beginnings take time (or so it seems). Thus later this month, I would not be surprise if some things go away fast (as my sofa did) making room for something new (and as of yet unknown), which will come in time.

So the New Moon allows us to gradually pick up some speed, but the approaching Pluto-Mars conjunction will act like a steep part of the ride. I recommend holding on and testing your brakes.

And do take deep breaths often. Mercury is retrograde and since it is crossing both the sun and the North Node of the Moon, it is displaying greater influence. I am not normally affected by Mercury Retrograde noticeably. (I think that is because Mercury went retrograde in my progressed chart when I was 10 and traveled backward until I was 35 – allowing me to get used to it.) However this week, I’ve been experiencing a number of glitches that match the vibration.

When I tune into the glitches, the message I get is simply that they are testing our intention. It is the universe asking us, “Are you serious about this?” For example, if you set up a meeting with someone, and it falls through, you are given an out if you want it. But if you really do want to meet with that person, then a bit more effort (intention) will get the job done. With Mercury crossing the North Node of the Moon (on 11/17) in retrograde, the future is asking for something from us. A little effort now will allow for smoother sailing later. Mercury crosses back over the North Node going forward on 12/7. If you don’t take care of something this weekend, you’ll probably have to do it that one.

The last part of the picture I’ll discuss is Saturn and his relationship to Chiron and Uranus. Today (11/15) Saturn aspects Uranus exact, and then tomorrow Chiron. Using our analogy of riding a bike down the back side of a slope, these form the sides of the road. Uranus is the shoulder. It is like moguls on a ski slope. It is way more fun than the paved surface, but risky at the same time. Chiron represents the part of us that got hurt before. If we learned from past falls, we’ll want to jump again, but if we are still bruised and healing, we’ll want to stay on the paved surface. Saturn is concerned with the decision. You may choose the paved part of the road (smooth and safe and down the middle) or the dirt part of the road (adventurous, but risky). The choice is yours, just be aware that you are choosing.

By the way, it is worth mentioning that since Mars will change signs, he will aspect Neptune exact (on 11/17). It is a harmonious aspect, so it is like putting fins on your feet; you’re going to be able to swim a little faster. This is good because your forward momentum will entail (or promote) healthy emoting. Emoting what we feel is healthy for us, however can create new karma if we are not responsible with that energy. For example, if you are angry, get it out, but don’t give it to someone who doesn’t deserve it. (Pluto-Mars aspects makes it very easy to emote anger – just sayin’.

Enjoy the ride and be safe!


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